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329: What To Do Post Launch?

In today’s episode of The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about what startups should do once they launch a product.

For many Startups, launching and selling a product can seem like the end of a long journey. However, it’s really only just the beginning.

It’s great to have a strong product launch, but if the launch of the product is not managed properly, sales can fall flat. So what should you do to make sure that you keep sales in your product alive?

In this episode, Steli and Hiten share their thoughts on what startups should do once they launch a product, the emotional side of launching a product and much more.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:22 Why this topic was chosen.

01:17 Why Hiten is the best person to talk about this topic.

01:51 What to do on day two of a product launch.

02:40 The right question to ask once you launch.

02:40 How to figure out what people think of your product once you launch.

04:31 Why it’s important to figure out what users think of your product once you launch.

05:33 Why you should continue talking to users a month or two after launch.

06:32 Hiten talks about what he calls “cleaning up house”.

09:14 Why it’s important to make sure that your team is ready for what's to come after launch.

10:35 The emotional side of launching a product.

3 Key Points:

Spend time with your launch customers and figure out what to do next.

You don’t actually know what people think of your product until they’ve used it after launch.

I find people who have discontinued using the product, and send them an email asking them why they discontinued.



Steli Efti: Hey, everybody. This is Steli Efti.



Hiten Shah: This is Hiten Shah. Today on the Startup Chat we're gonna talk about what you do after you launch.



Hiten playback: The thing you like talking about more than just sales and marketing.



Steli playback: We just want to bullshit and chat about business and life. Hopefully, while we're doing that provide a lot of value to people.



Hiten playback: The world's best business podcast. Shit.



Steli playback: Oh. Shit. We got.



Hiten playback: For people trying to get shit done.



Steli playback: Done. Yeah. We don't want to give you feedback that's bullshit.



Hiten playback: We want you to do your best.



Steli Efti: Yeah. Who better to talk about this than you, because you have just launched something ... You've been launching things for many, many years. I think it has accelerated in the past two years in terms of how many completely brand new products you've launched. You're like one of the world leading experts in launching things, I feel. Recently you had what I think was one of the most successful or the most successful launches of the kind of recent memory of yours. You have the big day ... We're talking about ... This is not launching it in limited alpha, this is not launching it internally with your employees, this is the moment that you decided to open it up and to potentially also promote. Do some marketing to get attention that now this thing exists, this product exists in the world. That day is really exciting. We've talked about it. We've recorded an episode about what to do prelaunch, what to do on launch day, and this is the episode on what to do post launch. Maybe we go through your most recent experience? Kind of lessons learned and things that people can glean from it and take away from it, but the day of the launch has ended. You're probably exhausted. The next morning what do you do on that day? What do you do on that week? On the month post launch?


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