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In today’s episode of The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about their reading habits and they read books.

Reading is one of the most fundamental skills an entrepreneur needs to succeed in the startup world. It’s common for a lot of successful people to credit reading in some way as a factor to their success.

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear Steli and Hiten talk about their own reading habits, what kind of books they read and they share tips that can help you develop a healthy reading habit.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:22 Why this topic was chosen.

01:19 A look at Steli’s reading habit.

02:20 How a book is not really a constant experience.

02:31 One thing Steli does when he reads.

02:42 Why you should give a book a second try.

05:06 Hiten’s thoughts on how the book doesn’t change but you do.

05:40 The importance of reading books purposefully.

06:23 The different types of books that Hiten reads.

07:28 A really good book on culture.

07:49 How reading purposefully makes your reading experience enjoyable.

3 Key Points:

A book is not really a constant experience in most cases.

Go back and re-read a book that you read a long time ago, that you really didn’t like.

Reading a book is an experience in time that can’t be replicated.


Steli Efti: Hey everybody. This is Steli Efti.



Hiten Shah: This is Hiten Shah.



Steli Efti: In today's episode of The Startup Chat I want to talk ... This is going to be a mini episode about our reading habits. How we read and how especially we read books. People ask us this all the time. I know you are a massive lover of content and reading is a real main skill that you are honing a bit, that is adding quality to your life, everything else you do, same thing for me. So I thought, let's attack this from a little bit of a different angle of just sharing, maybe some hacks, maybe some unique learnings, or habits, or ways that we attack like reading a lot of stuff. Maybe that's going to give one or the other person out there an idea, an insider spark of their love for reading again. Given that we both absolutely love books and absolutely love reading, I'm just going to throw out some things that I do when it comes to my reading habits that I found to be unusual, at least when I share these things with people, they always seem to be surprised and then it seems to be valuable. I'll throw out one weird thing I do about reading books and then we can ping pong back and forth and see if we can people some really cool new ideas on how to attack the topic of reading.



Hiten Shah: Rock and roll.



Steli Efti: One thing that I do, that I find incredibly valuable when it comes to reading books is ... There is one thing that I get all the time which is, people as you for reading recommendations. It's like, what's your favorite book on sales, what's your favorite books on business, what's your favorite book of all types, what's the book that's changed your life most. I really hate that question to a certain degree because I always feel like what's been impactful for me is constantly changing and the book that changed my life most is a book that's totally useless to most people today, right? And would be a useless book to me today, but when I was 14 or 16, it was an incredible book to read, right? With my mindset and my knowledge back then. One thing that I found is that a book is not really a constant experience. It's not a common experience in most cases. One thing I really love to do is ... And the book recommendation I give most often is telling people, go back and read a book ... Try to reread a book that you tried reading a long time ago and you really didn't like. Just give a book a second try basically. Additionally,

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