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How To Use Affiliate Programs To Fuel Growth

Affiliate programs can be an effective way to get new customers and scale your startup. For it to be successful, it is important to know how to create a program that helps your customers and advocates do your marketing for you. In this episode, Steli and Hiten talk about what an affiliate program is, why they don’t work for some startups, why some programs have failed in the past and much more.

Updated on June 27

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Affiliate program is a program where someone with an audience refers your product to their audience, in order to make actual money in return.

To launch a successful affiliate program a few things need to happen. The business need to be making money, and have enough margins to pay affiliate fees. Customer onboarding has to be flawless to make sure those referrals actually convert to paying customers, thus causing affiliates to get paid. Lastly, your market actually needs to have influencers with large enough audiences that running an affiliate program makes sense.

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