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In today’s episode of The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about how to increase your productivity.

If there's one thing founders struggle with a lot, it's being productive. With all the distractions of social media, mobile gaming, and the internet, in general, staying productive at work can be a challenge, and this can have a negative impact on your startup.

In today’s episode, Steli and Hiten talk about what it means to be productive, how to define productivity for the role you’re in, tips for being more productive. and much more. 

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:00 About today’s topic.

00:35 Why this topic was chosen.

01:50 How being productive makes Steli happy.

03:42 Why it’s a good idea to consciously review your day, week or month.

04:10 What some of Hiten’s most productive days look like.

05:00 How to define productivity for the role you’re in.

05:35 Why Hiten works a lot on weekends.

06:01 The different angles to productivity.

06:37 Tips for being more productive.

07:14 How to measure productivity as a manager.

3 Key Points:

Productivity is a human desire.The feeling of productivity is really high up on the list of things that make me happy.Some of my most productive days are the most random days ever.


Steli Efti: Hey everybody, this is Steli Efti`.


Hiten Shah: And this is Hiten Shah and today on the Startup Chat we're going to talk about how to increase your productivity and there's a really good reason we're talking about this. We've been wanting to talk about this. We know that this is something that is on most of your minds, whether you're working in a company or working on your own company or in a really large company of some kind. It doesn't matter. Productivity is something that's almost like a human desire, especially at work.


Steli Efti: Okay?


Hiten Shah: That's where I'll start. I'm like, hey Steli, I think it's a human desire.


Steli Efti: That is not what I thought you would say. So like my mind was wandering off in a specific direction and you took a left turn while I was still going straight and eventually I was like, where is he? He must have taken a left turn. I kind of lost it over there.


Hiten Shah: There we go.


Steli Efti: What did you say? Human desire?


Hiten Shah: Yeah, we want to achieve. We want to be productive. We want to get stuff done. I also want to be happy. Don't get me wrong.


Steli Efti: No, but you know what I mean. I fucking love this because that is actually one of the, I'm sure it's the same with you. I'm sure it's the same with most people that listen to us. If I have to identify a very big contributor to either my happiness or my lack of happiness. Productivity, the feeling of productivity is really high up the list. So even when everything is going well, like I could have a great day with lots or a week where lots of good things happen, where there's a lot of reasons to be happy. But if I personally didn't feel productive that week, I guarantee you I'll be unhappy. It's feeling productive is kind of a crucial, fundamental thing I need to be feeling kind of good in my own skin, right? To feel comfortable, feel it.


Hiten Shah: When you reviewed, you actually think of it like that?


Steli Efti: Yeah. But you know what it is? The crazy thing is it is not a mental thing. It's not a, wow, I had so much fun this week. Everything went well. Let me review the week. Let me think, what is everything that happened then? Shit, I wasn't as productive. God and then I start mentally making myself feel bad about it. It is literally like not showering the entire week, right? If you told me we're going to have an amazing week.

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