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Not Your Typical Advice

There’s a lot of startup advice out there in the world, and much of it is diluted to the point where it’s pretty much meaningless. Reading a book can be the best place to get the advice you need right now.

Updated on May 06

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


We used to share advice that was special, shared by experts, it was meaningful. But now, anyone can share anything, and often, people do it for the attention, not because they have something to say. Short, actionable and moderate advice is what you need, but it won't get a lot of shares on social media. Instead it is the most radical ideas that will get shared.

How do you avoid falling into this social media vortex? If you are a thought leader, remember that nobody is waiting for you to tweet. If you are consuming advice, take the best and leave the rest.


Go read a book on the topic, or talk to somebody who can help you, has context, and actually cares to give you their best advice.

Opinions are not advice.

Evaluate what you are told. Look for why people give their advice and how they respond to criticism. Are they defending themselves, getting angry, boosting their ego? Ask yourself what they are trying to get out by giving this advice.

Look for people who genuinely want to share their knowledge, and avoid the ego-driven social media addicts.

Find the advice that you will learn from.


A book can be really a powerful medium because it is long-form by design. A message from a book usually leads to more thoughtfulness and more clarity and more completeness, with more nuance than a one sentence tweet, or a short Instagram video can do.

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