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Product Management in a Crisis

How do you product management during the COVID-19 crisis? The current crisis is causing a lot of disruption for many companies, and one area in particular that most companies will be affected is in their product development roadmap. Should you stick to your road map, or should you change everything? A quick guide from the trenches.

Updated on April 10

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Because a lot of great folks are not used to working from home, it is very likely that product development will slow down. Even Google has announced they will stop development on Chrome updates.

Furthermore, it's not just WFH that might be an issue. A lot of people will be emotionally impacted by the situation. You have to give people some slack.


In a typical product development lifecycle teams should be talking to their customers and building products for their customers, so although things are harder right now, and product timelines might need to be adjusted, the process stays the same.

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