The Sustainable Angler

Welcome to "The Sustainable Angler" Podcast! My name is Rick Crawford and I am the President of Emerger Strategies. We are a sustainability and marketing consulting firm that works with businesses in the fly fishing industry to increase their growth while minimizing their environmental impact by turning their sustainability achievements into powerful marketing stories.

The intent of The Sustainable Angler podcast is to educate and create more awareness about environmental threats to our fisheries, such as: Population, Policy and Pollution, or the "3 P's." For example, Population is a threat to fisheries due to overfishing. Policy is a threat to our fisheries because bad fisheries management policies. The final "P" is Pollution, and the obvious threat is plastic pollution, but the greatest threat our fisheries face today is pollution in the form of GHG emissions that cause climate change.

In this podcast I will interview business owners, guides and sustainability experts on the "3 P's" as well as provide actionable steps you can take to protect what you love!

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