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TLDR Daily with Matt & Co on Smash Notes

TLDR Daily with Matt & Co podcast.

December 28, 2019

Every weekday morning Matt Hartman talks to one person about one article that they found interesting.

Why read articles when Matt's friends can just tell you what's in 'em?

Episodes with Smash Notes

Satya Patel from Homebrew on the Creeping Capitalist Takeover of Higher Education

Danielle David on why we need to stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up.

Mike Mignano shares how Helvetica Gets an Upgrade

Harper Reed on the short story Goodnight, Melancholy how technology relates to quarantine and the Corona Virus.

Why there haven’t been more billion-dollar acquisitions for direct-to-consumer commerce startups.

Marah Lidey, co-CEO I’d Shine on The Feedback Fallacy. Full article here:

Margot Boyer-Dry talks about AI Priests

John Borthwick from Betaworks, on The Adversarial Persuasion Machine

Filmmaker Jonathan Kaufman,  on a single paragraph from the book The Poisoned City about the Flint Michigan water crisis.

Naomi Hirabayashi, Co-CEO of Shine on The Constructive Power of Self-Doubt

Owen Grover, CEO of Pocket Casts discusses 'Spotify Teardown' and whether Spotify is a Media Company

Nathan Baschez, on the 7 powers of Business Strategy