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Unfiltered Tech on Smash Notes

Unfiltered Tech podcast.

December 28, 2019

Welcome to Unfiltered Tech a tech podcast that gets you in the know about all things tech.
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Episodes with Smash Notes

Yup, were talking about unpacked. And what I think of everything related

Today we discuss tech topics such as the new holeless phones and foldable devices!

Today we talk a bit about the Galaxy Event what it might be... ether the Galaxy X or Galaxy A. We also talk about why I think foldable phones will change the cellphone market.

What's Up guys, it looks like a (yes one singular unit) Note 9 caught fire, and everyone is going crazy, but listen to me out. It is not time to return your Note device

Today we talk about the new rumors this time from Jon Prosser about the possibility of a no notched Pixel 3XL!

Latest episode of Unfiltered Tech

As a break from the daily tech news (which was boring today anyway) we are taking a look at why I think the this years iPhone 9 "budget" model won't sell well.

Latest episode of Unfiltered Tech

Latest episode of Unfiltered Tech

Welcome to The UnfilteredTech Podcast.

This is an ad/intro for the daily podcast to start soon.

Stay tuned for more!