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Venture Stories on Smash Notes

Venture Stories podcast.

December 28, 2019

Venture Stories by Village Global takes you inside the world of venture capital and technology, featuring enlightening interviews with entrepreneurs, investors and tech industry leaders. The podcast is hosted by Village Global partner and co-founder Erik Torenberg and produced by Brett Bolkowy. Check us out on the web at villageglobal.vc/podcast for more.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Avichal Garg (@avichal), Managing Partner at Electric Capital, joins Erik on this episode.

They discuss:

- How he came to be running Electric Capital.

- Their perspective and thesis.

- What’s newly possible with computers able to own...

Candice Ammori joins Erik on this episode. She is heading the Climate Tech Fellowship at On Deck. They discuss:

- The issue of climate change and how she came to be working on solving it.

- What climate tech means exactly.

- Some of the most...

Turner Novak (@TurnerNovak), general partner (and Chief Meme Officer) at Gelt VC, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:

- How he’s thinking about consumer social as an investor in 2020.

- Where he’s interested in consumer social and his...

Jason Feifer (@heyfeifer), editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine and host of three podcasts, including Pessimists Archive, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:

- Why fears repeat over time throughout history.

- The message he’s trying to...

Dr. Anton Howes (@antonhowes), author of Arts & Minds, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:

- How to create conditions where innovation is easier and better.

- Why he wrote the book and the key question he was trying to answer.

- What...

Brandon Hill (@IamBrandonHill), CEO of Vori, Max Mullen (@Max), co-founder of Instacart, and Mike Duboe (@mduboe), GP at Greylock, join Erik on this episode to discuss:

- What led Brandon to start Vori.

- Why Max and Mike were excited to invest...

Chamath Palihapitiya (@chamath), CEO of Social Capital, and Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman), partner at Greylock, joined Village Global co-founder and partner Ben Casnocha at a special Village Global event.

Angel Island brought together 100+ angel...

Ty Walrod (@tywalrod), two-time founder and program director of On Deck Scale, joins Erik on this episode.

They discuss:

- The On Deck Scale program, how it works, and how it can help founders scale.

- Common reasons that founders get...

Keith Rabois (@rabois), partner at Founders Fund, joins Erik on this episode. It was recorded as part of an On Deck event. They discuss:

- How he would compare the state of angel investing when he was getting started years ago to angel investing...

Alex Robinson (@arobinsontweets), co-founder and CEO of Juniper Square (@juniper_square), joins Erik on this episode to discuss:

- The experience that led him to create Juniper Square and the vision for the company.

- How he navigated the idea...

Anthony Nardini of the On Deck Team joins Erik to discuss:

- The OD50 Fellowship, what it will be like, and who should go through it.

- Why people don’t leave their existing jobs.

- The advice he gives for people trying to pivot into tech....

Nikhil Krishnan (@nikillinit), founder of Out of Pocket, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:

- How employer-based healthcare came to be and how it might change.

- Comparisons of the US healthcare system to other countries.

- His investing...