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What Fuels You on Smash Notes

What Fuels You podcast.

December 31, 2019

Shauna Swerland, CEO of Fuel Talent, launches the What Fuels You podcast, where she sits down with influential, interesting and successful leaders to learn from them. She digs into the stories and choices that made them who they are today, with the goal of sharing the inspiration, perseverance and stories of resilience that are normally only shared within an inner circle. You'll walk away feeling fueled by each episode as Shauna uncovers things like personal hardships and failures, what it’s like to become an entrepreneur and tips on building a successful career.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Founder and CEO of Hedley & Bennett, Ellen Bennet, shares the story of how she started her company in her 20s and how they continue to evolve over time. The then apron company has shifted to more of a “workwear” company, most recently adding masks to their product line after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Ellen discusses how their values made it an easy decision to get involved, their buy one, give one model and their donation of over 100,000 masks to hospitals and healthcare providers on the frontlines. She also opens up about her confidence, her mentors and how she’s finding the good in this time of slowing down.

Ian Morris is the Co-founder and CEO of Likewise, an innovative startup backed by Bill Gates that’s re-imagining the way that people find great recommendations. Though the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every business in some way, Ian shares how the stay at home order and closure of recreational facilities has resulted in a tremendous jump in users on Likewise’s platform and how they’re up 400 percent on the number of recommendations and saves taking place on the application. He discusses the most popular lists and categories on Likewise and how they are quickly expanding their content on the platform to meet users needs and interests.

Angela Dunleavy Stowell, CEO of FareStart, a non-profit that transforms lives and disrupts poverty through food, life skills and job training, shares how they are on the frontlines of King County’s COVID-19 response. Angela talks about how FareStart gives people second chances, their 1400 percent homeless shelter meal increase during the pandemic, and how they are serving 26 different locations, with the capacity to do up to 50,000 meals a day. She also discusses how people can help give back to FareStart and the community, how she’s staying centered and being fueled by leaving a legacy behind that her kids would be proud of.

As a former lawyer and a social justice advocate at heart, Frances Dewing is fueled by using whatever she’s doing as a platform for social advocacy and change. Now as the CEO of Rubica, a cybersecurity company, Frances is helping small businesses and consumers protect their digital lives and secure you from invisible threats online. On this episode of the What Fuels You podcast, Frances discusses fundraising three rounds, Rubica’s culture, what she believes people can do to support female founders, and her advice for people just starting out in their careers. She also explains how cybercriminals are making money today and provides helpful tips on what you can and should be doing to protect your data right now.

Co-founder and CEO of Barre3, Sadie Lincoln, candidly opens up about her unique childhood being raised by a strong group of women, her journey in the fitness industry and how building a business “has been the most amazing way to grow personally.” In 2008, Sadie co-founded Barre3 with her husband, which focuses on teaching people to be balanced in body and empowered from within. Today they have over 160 franchise studios powered by female entrepreneurs and an online workout streaming subscriber base in 98+ countries. During this episode, Sadie offers a fresh perspective on what fitness could and should look like as opposed to what we see every day in the media. She also shares her experience with mindful leadership, honoring her body and showing up authentically. Sadie’s story behind starting Barre3 is incredibly relatable and what it’s grown into will inspire you.

On this episode of What Fuels You, Stefan Weitz discusses gut health, his diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis and his probiotic subscription company, Jetson, that he founded as a better way to manage his chronic disease and also help “make 50 million Americans healthier.” In addition to Jetson, Stefan has an incubator called 87 that heavily invests in exciting direct to consumer companies – many of which he shares details about. Stefan also reflects on the impactful advice his first boss at Microsoft gave him, the three ways he believes you can view success and how he would rate himself on each scale, and what ultimately drove him to leaving Microsoft after nearly two decades (and why he wishes he did it sooner).