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What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law on Smash Notes

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law podcast.

April 02, 2020

Professor Elizabeth Joh teaches Intro to Constitutional Law and most of the time this is a pretty straight forward job. But with Trump in office, everything has changed. Five minutes before class Professor Joh checks Twitter to find out what the 45th President has said and how it jibes with 200 years of the judicial branch interpreting and ruling on the Constitution. Hosted by acclaimed podcaster Roman Mars (99% Invisible, co-founder Radiotopia), this show is a weekly, fun, casual Con Law 101 class that uses the tumultuous and erratic activities of the executive branch under Trump to teach us all about the US Constitution. Proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.

Episodes with Smash Notes

What are the current precedents when it comes to abortion rights and how solid do they feel right now?

The Shadow Docket, Texas's SB 8, and the state of abortion rights in the US

As people argue over public policy regarding the COVID vaccine, Jacobson V. Massachusetts (1905) is invoked a lot. Plus, Trump is in court and the first Capitol riot conviction.

A quick roundup of three Supreme Court decisions that came down at the end of June

On May 20, 2021, President Biden signed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act. What exactly is a hate crime and what does the Constitution say about them?

What can a President do when it comes to reforming the approximately 18,000 locally governed police departments around the US?

The constitutionality of using cell phone data to prosecute the January 6th mob

Conservatives argue for the repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, to prevent censorship of their viewpoints. Facebook is trying a new way to determine what can be on their platform.

Former President Donald Trump has been impeached by the House for inciting a riot. But will he be convicted in the Senate?

How Trump is failing to overturn the election and how he might use his pardon power in his final days