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WPMRR WordPress Podcast on Smash Notes

WPMRR WordPress Podcast podcast.

April 20, 2020

Christie is a product manager at Liquid Web. I started WP Buffs and we increase MRR every single month. And here’s the good news. We’re joining forces to bring you The WPMRR WordPress Podcast! If you’ve been looking for a WordPress podcast that’s entirely focused on growing successful WordPress businesses and monthly recurring revenue without taking itself too seriously, we’ve got your back.

Episodes with Smash Notes

In today’s episode, we are going to hear Christie once again, back when she was still based in Hawaii. Joe and Christie discuss the perks and some of the downsides of working on a different time zone from the rest of your team, body clock adjustments to

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Maciek Palmowski, one of the co-creators of WP Owls, a weekly newsletter focused on the latest and top WordPress news. He also works as a WordPress ambassador for Buddy Works - a top-notch performance into one solution f

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Dan Maby of Big Orange Heart - a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes positive well-being and mental health within remote working communities. The Big Orange Heart Health Hubs are designed to provide holisti

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Artur Grabowski of Extendify - a team of passionate professionals with the goal of building a modern WordPress experience that just works. It has a templates library and other great WordPress products such as Editor Plus

In today’s episode, we’re reeling in another throwback episode, Joe’s interview with Leah Knobler of Help Scout - a support tool and customer service platform used by customer-centric organizations around the world, from small businesses to high-gro

In today’s episode, let’s listen again to Joe’s conversation with Nathan Hirsch, the co-founder of FreeUp - a solution platform to finding & hiring pre-vetted freelancers online, only allowing the top 1% into the network out of hundreds of freelance

In today’s episode, we bring back Joe’s conversation with Jennifer Bourn, a designer for twenty years, an agency owner for thirteen years, and a blogger for ten years. She is founding partner at Bourn Creative, a full service design and development co

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Melanie Phung, Owner and Principal Consultant at Orange Spark Digital - a boutique consulting practice to help organizations achieve greater visibility and success online. Services offered include website strategy servic

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Kim Coleman, the co-founder of Paid Memberships Pro - the most complete WordPress membership plugin. She has her hand in all aspects of the development, management, and marketing for the product and the team. She oversee

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Marc Benzakein, the Operations Manager at ServerPress LLC - a software services company that provides workflow tools for WordPress Developers and Designers. His experience ranges from network administration to software d

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Chris Klosowski, the Director Of Technology at Sandhills Development, LLC. He joined Sandhills as a lead developer in 2015, and before that, he was a software developer at GoDaddy.com.

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Eithan Abramovich of Highly Analytics, a Medium-style tooltip made for content creators to help understanding maximize how your passive readers interact with your content. Eithan shares the ideas behind creating the plug