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WPMRR WordPress Podcast on Smash Notes

WPMRR WordPress Podcast podcast.

April 20, 2020

Christie is a product manager at Liquid Web. I started WP Buffs and we increase MRR every single month. And here’s the good news. We’re joining forces to bring you The WPMRR WordPress Podcast! If you’ve been looking for a WordPress podcast that’s entirely focused on growing successful WordPress businesses and monthly recurring revenue without taking itself too seriously, we’ve got your back.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Online translations have sped up research and business growth, now how about paying for a one-stop shop translation plug-in?  


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe talks to Augustin Plot on co-founding WeGlot into existence, why premium subscriptions should offer more, and how community support adds value to a business service.


Listen to how the translation business has evolved for a broader mass consumption.


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What you’ll learn:


  • [00:01:10] Where we met.
  • [00:03:10] What is WeGlot? 
  • [00:05:00] The early days of WeGlot - from a javascript library to a plug-in  
  • [00:06:58] Free version has removed the idea that "we only want your money". 
  • [00:09:25] What goes into the Free version and the Premium version?
  • [00:11:45] Why start a translation business?
  • [00:13:25] Frustration on incomplete translation tools.
  • [00:14:39] How did you and your co-founder meet? 
  • [00:16:47] Once there was traction, we registered the company 
  • [00:18:03] WeGlot value: Help people set up multilingual sites.
  • [00:19:32] We provide a layer of automatic translations. 
  • [00:21:32] Manual translations are a lot of work. 
  • [00:22:25] How helpful is the Wordpress community in growing WeGlot? 
  • [00:25:14] It can be a challenge to find balance between marketing and providing community service 
  • [00:27:54] It's also about people getting more for what they do in Wordpress.
  • [00:29:36] We need more premium solutions in the Wordpress space.
  • [00:31:19] Wordpress should offer more premium offerings so they can promote healthier business with more growth.
  • [00:32:02] How do you do support and where is it in the priorities of the company?
  • [00:33:15] We've all been in a situation when we have to pay for anything. 
  • [00:34:16] There are companies that only offer support  for premium licenses.
  • [00:35:45] We have the responsibility to keep improving so subscription continues each month.
  • [00:36:32] WeGlot can be used across different platforms in need of translation. 
  • [00:37:24] Client support is the most important work a company can do. 
  • [00:38:08] What are your plans for the rest of the year and the next?
  • [00:40:05] We are trying to find ways to give back and remain visible. 
  • [00:41:15] WeGlot discount code for new users who wish to upgrade: WPBUFF20

Podcasting is more than just talking into a microphone, what happens after you finish recording?  


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe and Christie talk about running a podcast, how they record, and the technicalities of producing an episode.


Listen now to get ideas on creating your own podcast!

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What you’ll learn:


  • [00:00:45] Christie's Update: living alone again in Texas
  • [00:05:06] Joe's Update: new hire for a marketing position, new Youtube channel
  • [00:08:] WPMRR Course update: whole site was moved to a summit page
  • [00:11:19] Tell people how we run our podcast.
  • [00:12:] How WPMRR started: Joe invited Christie to be his co-host through an email, but she ignored it.
  • [00:14:20] Make sure to personalize messages to certain people, important messages. A short Loom video can be included in the email. 
  • [00:15:46] How do we choose topics? Talk about what's going within the week before recording, we look at a Google Doc with notes of the stuff we want to talk about.  
  • [00:16:55] Don't over-plan. WPMRR usually talks about general topics and talks about anything as the episodes go. 
  • [00:18:42] Podcasting can be done like a blog. It can be informal too, almost a 'not prepared' approach.
  • [00:21:12] How do we record the podcast? We are using Before, we recorded in Zoom, now we use this new tool. 
  • [00:25:10] All we would do is record in zoom, and record our individual audio using quicktime audio, and we would upload the files in Google Drive, and send the files for production.
  • [00:27:25] Podcast gears: Mic, Webcam 
  • [00:36:22] What's important to outline is that those people (with great and expensive gears) built up to that. 
  • [00:38:05] We pay hundreds of dollars for post production, probably more when youtube marketing is added  
  • [00:39:56] We drop the episode in, Bradley and his team picks them up, and one upcoming Tuesday they come out on all podcast players.  
  • [00:42:35] New Thing: We are pushing our podcasts on Youtube.
  • [00:43:55] How we grow and get listeners? 
  • [00:44:26] The really important part is the process is really fun for you. 
  • [00:45:23] Quality content is the more important part, it might take longer if you don't do marketing stuff. 
  • [00:46:31] When I have a guest, one of the questions is "Can you help us promote the episode..." 
  • [00:50:47] There's a thing of putting a great product together and not having anybody listen. If you want to do something to put it out, then do something. 
  • [00:51:20] It takes time, maybe you blow up in a few months if you already have a platform or a huge audience.
  • [00:53:05] How do we improve in podcasting? 
  • [00:53:30] I've gained confidence, I have stopped speaking with a lot of UHMs and AHHs. - Christie
  • [00:54:38] Listen to other things that you like. Getting honest opinions is a great way to improve. 
  • [00:56:35] There's feedback that's really good, that's critical, that helps you grow, and good feedback for the episode. 
  • [00:57:30] Critical feedback is good but you have to decide what to change. Authenticity is important.

The questions keep coming and the answers may not be what you expect them to be!   


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe and Christie tackle the bus factor phenomenon, converting one-offs to subscriptions, and the pros of ConvertKit.


Listen now for more business management insights!


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What you’ll learn:


  • [00:07:11] Economic things that probably won't go back to old normal, many companies saving on office space rentals by doing remote work.
  • [00:15:50] Do folks have a plan if they are hit by a car? 
  • [00:16:30] The Bus Factor is real. It is a huge business risk that takes a lot of humility to work through.
  • [00:18:59] Bus factor risk in business is extremely important to consider, we don't want to create dependency on single people.
  • [00:22:21] For most positions, you should have a junior to you, one that learns what you do. 
  • [00:24:09] The Bus Factor phenomenon
  • [00:26:17] Document everything in a list so handing off of work is a lot easier.
  • [00:30:30] When you are selling a subscription, you are selling ongoing value. 
  • [00:32:43] How much time does it take to educate a customer on the value of your product enough for a recurring subscription?
  • [00:35:26] You'll never target 100% the right people. You have to change, you have to adapt, you have to improve.
  • [00:37:59] ConvertKit, good in email, tagging, and segmenting
  • [00:45:22] Difference between MailChimp and ConvertKit

Can’t decide which podcast format to use? Darth Sidious has come to your rescue.


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe is joined by Joe Casabona, an online course creator, podcast host, and web developer, to talk about podcasting from scratch, professional audio editing, and repurposing content for different mediums. 


Listen in for some pro podcasting tips!


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What's been your experience with the WordPress community?


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe and Christie are joined with Alex Denning of Ellipsis Marketing and Tom Fanelli, CEO of Convesio, to talk about WordPress hosting, how to get investors, and the close ties between WordPress and WooCommerce


Listen in for some advanced WP hosting tips!


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Obi-Wan stops by today taking a small break between helping others save the galaxy.


In this episode of WPMRR, Jay discusses his thoughts on annual recurring revenue, having a business mindset, and his book “Building a Business that Lasts.”


Tune in to learn how to be the best guide for your customers.


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99 topics and thousands of podcast minutes later, there’s still many burning questions left unanswered.


To celebrate WPMRR’s 100th episode, Joe and Christie weigh in on premium hosting, how often to send client reports, and why you shouldn’t worry about c-Panel hacking. 


Listen now to fill the gaps in your WordPress knowledge. 


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People of color have been put through systematic oppression for many centuries, and today we look at how it reflects in the WordPress space.


In this episode of WPMRR, Christie and Joe discuss their background, encounters with discrimination, and their experience in the WordPress community as people of color.

Tune in to know more about the history of your favorite hosts and why you should be giving opportunities to minorities.


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The dwarf warrior Gimli stops in after helping save Middle-earth to speak on affiliate marketing management. 


In this episode of WPMRR, Logan discusses how affiliate marketing works, affiliates point-of-view on business relationships, and where the industry is heading.

Listen in to get a full sprint on affiliate marketing.


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Dark Helmet takes a moment to step away from his dolls to give advice on the tactics of hiring and being hired.

In this episode of WPMRR, Kyle discusses strategies in hiring right, how a good job listing is formatted, and how to make your applications stand out.Tune in to learn how to hire and be hired successfully.

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Legendary Jedi Master Yoda stops in today to give his thoughts on the rise and fall of the Galatic Republic towards the rise of the Galactic Empire.

In this episode of WPMRR, Ben discusses managing during the pandemic, information on the Build Scale Sell Summit, and the benefits of virtual summits.To rise through the chaos, listen in, you will.

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Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi stops by to have a chat with us after mentoring his Jedi trainees.

In this episode of WPMRR, Bhanu speaks on creating an SEO plugin in a non-competitive way, the lightweight and effective build of RankMath, and the roadmap to the upcoming pro version of the plugin.

Listen in to learn more about optimizing your content for search engines.

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