What is covered in the Smash Notes Podcast for week 18 of 2019? 00:00

Smash Notes for the first week of April 2019

- Justin Kan tells the story of how he nearly drowned in the Pacific Ocean while spearfishing with his wife.
- Chamath Paliphapitiya tells Kara Swisher that he is not anyone's slave
- Austen Allred of Y Combinator shares a story of how he turned a failed startup blog into a huge success
- Naval Ravikant explains the difference between money, wealth and social status
- DHH, the founder of Ruby on Rails, Basecamp, and the author of "Rework" and "It does not have to be crazy at work" explains why years after becoming a millionaire he still shows up for work every day
- Tim Romero from Disrupting Japan explains to fellow podcasters what makes a great interview
- Bubs Darius Monsef, formerly of Creative Market and now the CEO of Brave Care shares why going to bed angry is actually good for you
- Rob Hope of One Page Love and Jason Schuller, formerly of Press75 share their passion for Word Press templates and how a $5 experiment turned Jason in a millionaire.
- Create team from This Wont Hurt A Bit medical podcast tells us all about Botox, and why you might want to reconsider injecting it.