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May 6, 2019 - Weekly summary of the best podcasts on the internet

In this episode we have the story of Justin Kan drowning in the Pacific Ocean, Chamath Palihapitiya telling his investors that he's not a slave, Lambda School founder Austen Allred sharing his story on going from broke to woke in one simple Kickstarter, t

Updated on May 08

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Smash Notes for the first week of April 2019

- Justin Kan tells the story of how he nearly drowned in the Pacific Ocean while spearfishing with his wife. - Chamath Paliphapitiya tells Kara Swisher that he is not anyone's slave - Austen Allred of Y Combinator shares a story of how he turned a failed startup blog into a huge success - Naval Ravikant explains the difference between money, wealth and social status - DHH, the founder of Ruby on Rails, Basecamp, and the author of "Rework" and "It does not have to be crazy at work" explains why years after becoming a millionaire he still shows up for work every day - Tim Romero from Disrupting Japan explains to fellow podcasters what makes a great interview - Bubs Darius Monsef, formerly of Creative Market and now the CEO of Brave Care shares why going to bed angry is actually good for you - Rob Hope of One Page Love and Jason Schuller, formerly of Press75 share their passion for Word Press templates and how a $5 experiment turned Jason in a millionaire. - Create team from This Wont Hurt A Bit medical podcast tells us all about Botox, and why you might want to reconsider injecting it.

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