What Is Going On In The World?

Chamath and Jason explain in a podcast.

Kirill Zubovsky / March 16th, 2020

What are the implications of COVID-19?

Jason Calacanis and Chamath Palihapitiya discuss in their new podcast, All-In. If you don't know, Jason is a prolific angel investor (Uber, Robinhood, Calm..etc), and Chamath is an outspoken venture capitalist (owns Warriors), turned a responsible citizen. In this new episode Jason and Chamath invited their friend David Friedberg, the scientist, to talk about political, economic & social ramifications of the coronavirus.
Add this to your blog 👉click here It's a great discussion and I suggest you take a look at all the segments, but if you only have time for one, take a look at the Unintended Consequences of Coronavirus. You should make sure to be sitting down for it.

Tips on surviving the startup apocalypse:

On a lighter note, there is a lovely podcast with Wil Schroter, the founder of Startups.com . After doing 9 other startups, Wil had an idea for a Kickstarter-like project that would enable startups to raise funds from a group of strangers. Little did he know, a few dozen other founders were about to launch the exact same idea. This is the story of how they were able to survive and turn their failed startup into Startups.com
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Do you like Mexican food?

The CEO of Chipotle explains how he spends his day, mostly sitting around and doing nothing other than figuring out a way for his team to be happier, and more effective. Read and listen here.

Three kids, two businesses, and a house in Texas. Who is this man?

Noah Labhart is a startup co-founder, runs a consulting business to pay the bills, finds the time to be with his wife and three kids, and has a podcast while at it. Crazy, isn't it? I interviewed Noah to learn how he does it all. Podcast notes here. p.s. Noah and I were both a little tired while recording this episode, so I sped it up. Some say it's a little too fast. If you would like to slow down the playback, look for the 1x symbol on the podcast player, and turn it down to (0.8x).

Is Facebook eating your brain?

Last but not least, a very thoughtful episode with Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, and founder of Blogger and Medium. Ev has been involved in the internet publishing for a couple of decades, and he has opinions. Take a look at the notes and you'll find why Ev thinks the Internet has changed, not necessarily for the better, and what is driving all the fake news. Ev Williams on publishing, Medium, fake news and the internet.
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