Intro — Why “Below The Line”?
Below the Line with James Beshara
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Who is James Beshara and why did he start Below The Line podcast? 00:39

James Beshara is an angel investor, founder, writer, podcaster, and a startup-helper in San Francisco, California. Over the years he's been fortunate to meet some of the greatest and brightest minds and it has been so valuable for him, he wanted to share this knowledge with the world. When you hear a story or a conversation with a founder in the news, you only get about 5% of the juice, but if you dive in and explore, that's when you get "below the line" and uncover all the hidden truths.


What was James Beshara's own "below the line" story? 01:38

A few years ago Beshara founded a company called Tilt. Although at one point it was valued at >400 million dollars and everyone was flying high, one day the company fell apart right before his eyes, eventually selling to Airbnb at a fraction of the capital.

It was a challenging experience, and it felt like no one else around James was through anything like that. Not until he got through that experience that he learned from founder after founder that such experiences are common, and there would have been plenty of people to help him along.

To make sure that other founders don't have to go through the same torturous experience, James started a podcast to share insight and wisdom for those who need it most.

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