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Get Funded, Stay Funded on Smash Notes

Get Funded, Stay Funded podcast.

April 03, 2020

This show is for entrepreneurs who want to learn the in's and out's of raising capital in today's marketplace. Learn from exclusive conversations with some of the top executives, leaders, and minds who have been successful and their real stories in front of investors. Hear from our team who has experience working with over 100+ VC's and 600+ B2B SaaS business on their road to raising over 9 billion in capital including the right metrics that matter. Welcome to Get Funded, Stay Funded with Derrick Thomas.

We hope that this podcast helps you on your own journey , whether now or in the future, to becoming the next Unicorn.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Lisa Calhoun, successful founder turned Venture Capitalist (VC), shares her insight on the current VC landscape and how to best prepare for investor meetings to continue fueling your business with cash.

What you’ll learn:

What investors expect in t

On this episode we sit down with Ben Murray, "The SaaS CFO" & CFO of Cartegraph as we kick off a 7 part series on How to Scale and Grow Your Financial Operations. Here is the link to view Ben's checklist on Closing Your Books. https://www.thesaascfo.com/

On this episode we look at a few solutions a growing B2B SaaS company must have and how we here at SaaSOptics can manage all of our FinOps with 1 full-time team member for 90 employees and almost 700 customers. For questions or comments reach out to me he

On this episode we speak with Jeff Haskett, President of Clarus R+D, on the Path Act, key tax advantages you can be getting to help you stay funded and extend your capital. Having raised multiple rounds of funding themselves, Jeff has helped hundreds of S

In this episode, we speak with Peter Chase, co-founder and EVP of Scribe Software that was acquired by TIBCO for 7x SaaS arr, had 160% net retention and a 3% churn rate. Now the founder of AccelARRate, he is helping B2B SaaS companies achieve similar resu

On this episode we talk to VP of Finance & Operations Brian Montminy about what Lessonly has been up to, the 3 rounds of funding they have raised, how Lessonly's executive team prepared for each round of funding, the things the rest of the company doesn't

On this episode we cover: Differences between ARR/MRR. What goes into the calculation? How do you set it up? When do you use one vs the other? What are pain points of each? What your investor is looking for?

On this episode we chat with Peter Ord, forder VP of Sales at Dealer Socket and Founder & CEO of Beynd.

1. Being a first time founder, how Ord learned to navigate the waters of raising capital? Where to look who to turn to? Did he have mentors that he

What We Cover on This Episode: How CompuServe paved the way for software and B2B SaaS 30 years later. What it was like for Wilkins to take 2 companies public? What would he do differently if you had to go back and do it again? Why he decided to become the

On this episode we cover: Why using recognized revenue isnt enough? What other metrics you should be looking at? Why waiting to make the change could be a costly mistake in your valuation? What story are you seeing in your business? How to make the change

On this episode, we sit down with Tim McCormick, CEO of SaaSOptics. Tim has 30+ years in the software business - leading sales and marketing teams. He has been apart of 2 successful exits - 1 with Internet Security Systems (ISS) in 2006 sold to IBM for $1

What we cover in this episode: What is CAC and CLV? What divisions of the business care about it? What makes up the calculation? Why are they important for the entirety of a SaaS business to look at? What is an optimal ratio you should be achieving? What