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How the “Singaporean voice of youth” found cognitive clarity as a community builder 🧠 Kuik Shiao-Yin, The Thought Collective

Kuik Shiao-Yin has devoted her life to building up the social and emotional capital of the young nation of Singapore. She was nominated and served two stints in Parliament along with co-founding The Thought Collective, a group of social businesses that spans a school, restaurants, and a civic center. In her work she creates space to equip more Singaporeans with the social and emotional skills they need to create the cultural change *they* want to see.

In this episode, we discuss weaving the fabric of a diverse nation together at the grassroots and governmental level. Shiao-Yin shares her opinion that every successful community starts with leadership that has cognitive clarity and then remains vested in getting clearer and clearer. Shaio-Yin poses questions to other community leaders like, “What is it that you want?” “Who is this for?” “Who do you want to be?” “Who do you want others to be?”


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