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Lindzanity with Howard Lindzon on Smash Notes

Lindzanity with Howard Lindzon podcast.

March 22, 2020

Hello, I’m Howard. I’ve been a financial industry entrepreneur and investor for over 20 years. I’m now focused on investing and advising.

On this podcast, you will hear interviews with great entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, traders, and friends about 'Street Alpha' ... how they have used their eyes, ears, and feet to crush the markets.

This includes best ideas, worst investments, biggest failure, daily habits, and recommended reading.

I know your time is precious so I promise to keep it simple and on point.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Chetan Puttagunta of Benchmark Capital joins me to discuss the world of Open Source Software and its role in ‘software eating the world’

Richard Betts is a great entrepreneur focused on one-of-a kind Spirits and joins me on Panic with friends to talk about his new company CKBG (Casa Komos Beverage Group) which just launched the Tequilla Brand ‘Komos’ and Superbird, a canned Paloma cocktail.

Narvar founder Amit Sharma Joins me to discuss the continued E-commerce explosion. Narvar is a software company that helps retailers perfect the customer journey especially around returns.

Ali Hamed joins me to talk about building a Venture firm at a young age and about the future of New York City.

DraftKings CEO and co-founder Jason Robins joins me on this epic conversation about their long journey to IPO and the future of sports and betting.