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Podcast Junkies on Smash Notes

Podcast Junkies podcast.

March 17, 2020

Podcast Junkies was born out of a genuine interest in and curiosity for this growing league of podcast hosts. It's hosted by Harry Duran. It features wide-ranging, authentic and sometimes candid interviews with this family of voices behind the microphone. The shows themselves cover a variety of topics such as Business, Finance Entrepreneurism, History, Comedy, Storytelling and more. Podcast Junkies explores the motivations behind the podcast's inception and allows the listener to connect on a more personal level with some of their favorite hosts.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Harry welcomes to the show, logistics professional, event planner and podcaster, Ever Gonzalez. Ever is the host of Outlier On Air, a podcast that features conversations with founders, disruptors and mavens who are breaking the status quo and changing the world. In this episode, Harry and Ever discuss Ever’s unique career trajectory, from logistics to event planning and podcasting. Ever talks about the work that goes into planning and hosting events, conferences and even microevents and speculates on what the coming year holds for the podcasting industry. Finally, Ever stresses the value he places on the relationships he’s made and the unique conversations he’s had throughout his podcasting journey.

Harry welcomes to the show, founder, creative producer, podcaster and moderator, Espree Devora. Espree certainly wears many hats as she is listed by Inc. Magazine as a top 30 Women in Tech to follow. Harpers Bazaar says her podcast is the top 10 to listen to and she is one of the faces of Clubhouse app icon, the most influential audio social app. In this episode, Harry and Espree share their experiences as podcasters and what excites them the most about this ever-growing medium. Espree opens up about her childhood and how her experiences shaped her into a vulnerable and passionate woman. Finally, Espree encourages all podcasters who may be struggling or frustrated to stay the course and provides an inspirational story to back it up!

Harry welcomes to the show, author, comedian, podcast host and rhetorical expert, Daniel B. French. Dan is the founder of Rhetoric Warriors, an idea that was born during the Trump era as a way to help people who were struggling with a type of volatile politics that splits families, destroys relationships, and ultimately threatens the foundations of American Democracy. In this episode, Harry and Dan discuss the modern version of rhetoric and the power of persuasion. Dan speaks to a seminal moment in his education, his involvement in comedy and how his eclectic background has impacted his parenting. Finally, Dan talks about the importance of using ethical persuasion to drown out unethical persuasion.

Harry welcomes to the show, single dad, veteran of the United States Airforce and podcast host, Brett Allan. Brett is the host of The Brett Allan Show, a weekly podcast where Brett interviews celebrities, comedians, and pop culture icons from your favorite movies, television shows, and much more. Today, Harry and Brett discuss Brett’s podcast journey, the decision to rebrand his show and why he chose to interview celebrities. They talk about how Brett differentiates his show from other similar interview-based podcasts, strategies he’s employed to help grow his brand and audience and why leaving a legacy for his son is always top of mind.

Harry welcomes to the show, keynote speaker, bestselling author, podcast host and thought leader, Scott Miller. Scott is the host of FranklinCovey On Leadership with Scott Miller, a weekly podcast to help you become a better leader. However, Scott is also an entrepreneur who is currently working on a ten-part Mess to Success series, a book series that covers everything from leadership and marketing to marriage. In this episode, Harry and Scott discuss the impact the global pandemic has had on each of them, what motivates and inspires Scott and the importance of great storytelling. They have an insightful conversation on the value of respecting your podcast guest even if you don’t always agree with their outlook and, conversely, when to respect yourself enough to avoid people with outrageous beliefs. Finally, Scott talks about the value of helping others, cultivating meaningful relationships and having an abundance mindset.

Harry welcomes to the show, Head of Marketing at Buzzsprout, Alban Brooke. Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting platform that features user-friendly software for hosting, promoting & tracking your podcast. In this episode, Alban and Harry discuss Alban’s podcast origin story, the importance of a podcast’s value proposition and the growth trajectory for this medium. They share a deep discussion on what other technology companies such as Google, Spotify and Facebook are doing in this space and the incredible results Alban has achieved through Buzzsprout. Finally, Alban talks about content creation and why he believes that, in the end, these creators will prevail.

Harry welcomes back to the show, podcast philosopher and strategist, Evo Terra. Evo is the host of Podcast Pontifications, a show that provides daily, insightful forward-looking episodes that have one central tenet: Podcasting needs to be made better, not just easier. He is on a mission to make podcasting not just easier, but better. In this episode, Harry and Evo discuss Evo’s recent world travel and what brought him back to the States. They share a discussion on the mental shift that occurs as you get older and perhaps a bit wiser. Evo breaks down the production process of his podcast and explains why he chose to structure his show in such a meticulous manner. Finally, Evo talks about what has influenced his podcasting style and speculates on the future of the medium.

Entrepreneur and founder, Craig Hewitt joins the show to discuss his mission to help brands create impactful podcasts for their audiences and organizations. Craig is the founder of Castos, a full-service podcast hosting, distribution and analytics platform that helps podcasters to easily create, promote, and distribute their podcast in order to grow their audience. Craig is also the co-host of Seeking Scale, a podcast about growing a SaaS business to meaningful scale. In this episode, Harry and Craig talk about Craig’s passion for launching and growing profitable and sustainable businesses. Craig speaks to some of the work he’s doing at Castos, including content creation and a podcast they recently acquired. Craig expounds on how he’s built his team, how he’s grown as a founder and podcaster and the incredible relationships he’s forged in the podcasting community.

Founder, entrepreneur and podcaster, Alex Sanfilippo joins the show to discuss the work he’s doing at PodMatch and Creating a Brand. Alex is the host of Creating a Brand, a top 20 entrepreneurship podcast that releases weekly masterclass interviews. Alex’s goal is to help individuals grow faster both personally and professionally while saving time and money in the process. In this episode, Harry and Alex talk about Alex’s entrepreneurial journey and how launching a podcast was critical in preparing Alex to start his own business. Alex opens up about his growth as a podcast host and the wealth of knowledge he’s accrued from the guests he’s had on his show. Finally, Alex touches on his core values, what he loves most about podcasting as a medium and what excites him about the future of PodMatch.

Executive Coach, TEDx speaker, podcaster and author, Sue Stockdale joins the show to discuss her unique background and podcast origin story. Sue is incredibly curious and adventurous by nature, highlighted by her expedition to ski the Magnetic North Pole. In addition to her many outdoors explorations, Sue is also the host of Access to Inspiration, a podcast that shares conversations with a variety of guests from around the world. Her mission is to inspire people to achieve more than they imagined was possible. In this episode, Harry and Sue discuss what inspired Sue to launch her own podcast, the importance of asking the right questions and how Sue ensures her guests are in the proper mindset before they sit down for an interview. They talk about neuro-linguistic programming, the relationship between listening and movement and Sue’s all-time favorite interview she conducted.

Will Conway is the host of Baggage Claim, a podcast for travel stories no one tells. Join Will as he recalls some of the most bizarre stories from his travel log, including the time he accidentally illegally immigrates to Paraguay. In this episode, Harry and Will discuss Will’s journey as a storyteller and content creator, from the writing to spoken word to podcasting. Will talks about the importance of conversation, building community and empathy. Harry and Will share their experiences of traveling the world, how the podcast industry has evolved and best practices for building a loyal audience.

Digital Marketing Specialist and an Associate Podcast Producer, Jarika Johnson, joins the show to share how her love of travel sparked the inspiration to launch a podcast. Jarika is the host of Blackpacking, a show that shares stories of black travelers and where we go around the world. Through her podcast and blog, Jarika has become recognized as an authoritative voice in the podcast industry. In this episode, Harry and Jarika discuss the spiritual experience of traveling, how COVID-19 has impacted both the travel industry and Jarika’s podcast and Jarika’s upcoming cross-country road trip. They talk about content creation, the intimate nature of interviews and best practices for procuring sponsorships.