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Podcast Junkies on Smash Notes

Podcast Junkies podcast.

March 17, 2020

Podcast Junkies was born out of a genuine interest in and curiosity for this growing league of podcast hosts. It's hosted by Harry Duran. It features wide-ranging, authentic and sometimes candid interviews with this family of voices behind the microphone. The shows themselves cover a variety of topics such as Business, Finance Entrepreneurism, History, Comedy, Storytelling and more. Podcast Junkies explores the motivations behind the podcast's inception and allows the listener to connect on a more personal level with some of their favorite hosts.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Executive Coach, TEDx speaker, podcaster and author, Sue Stockdale joins the show to discuss her unique background and podcast origin story. Sue is incredibly curious and adventurous by nature, highlighted by her expedition to ski the Magnetic North Pole. In addition to her many outdoors explorations, Sue is also the host of Access to Inspiration, a podcast that shares conversations with a variety of guests from around the world. Her mission is to inspire people to achieve more than they imagined was possible. In this episode, Harry and Sue discuss what inspired Sue to launch her own podcast, the importance of asking the right questions and how Sue ensures her guests are in the proper mindset before they sit down for an interview. They talk about neuro-linguistic programming, the relationship between listening and movement and Sue’s all-time favorite interview she conducted.

Will Conway is the host of Baggage Claim, a podcast for travel stories no one tells. Join Will as he recalls some of the most bizarre stories from his travel log, including the time he accidentally illegally immigrates to Paraguay. In this episode, Harry and Will discuss Will’s journey as a storyteller and content creator, from the writing to spoken word to podcasting. Will talks about the importance of conversation, building community and empathy. Harry and Will share their experiences of traveling the world, how the podcast industry has evolved and best practices for building a loyal audience.

Digital Marketing Specialist and an Associate Podcast Producer, Jarika Johnson, joins the show to share how her love of travel sparked the inspiration to launch a podcast. Jarika is the host of Blackpacking, a show that shares stories of black travelers and where we go around the world. Through her podcast and blog, Jarika has become recognized as an authoritative voice in the podcast industry. In this episode, Harry and Jarika discuss the spiritual experience of traveling, how COVID-19 has impacted both the travel industry and Jarika’s podcast and Jarika’s upcoming cross-country road trip. They talk about content creation, the intimate nature of interviews and best practices for procuring sponsorships.

TV and Film Producer and Podcast Host, Kimi Culp, joins the show to talk about her background in journalism, the intense stories she tells on her podcast and her struggles with bipolar disorder. Kimi is the host of All The Wiser, a podcast that tells the most jaw-dropping stories you've ever heard, from dramatic stories of survival to unforgettable lessons on loss and love. In this episode, Harry and Kimi discuss Kimi’s incredible career in broadcast journalism, including lessons she’s learned from Diane Sawyer and Oprah Winfrey. They discuss the intimacy of podcasting, the importance of storytelling, why everyone is hiding a little piece of themselves.

Allison Williams, Principal at Newark Venture Partners, and Darrin Bedol, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Audible join the show to share their collective experiences in the audio industry, including podcasting and spoken word. In this episode, Harry, Allison and Darrin share a rich discussion about the shifting listening habits of consumers of audio, how to combat the scarcity of female founders and the exciting opportunities that exist in audio and spoken word. They talk about the emergence of social audio platforms, such as Clubhouse, as well as the incredible projects they are both currently working on.

Seasoned television producer, former network executive and certified dating and relationship coach, Damona Hoffman joins the show to discuss her passion for producing lifestyle content. Damona is the host of Dates & Mates, a podcast that features a variety of experts on love and relationships. In this episode, Harry and Damona discuss the value of forging genuine connections, best practices Damona implements into her podcasting and the power of listening. They talk about the concept of playing the long game and the innate ability podcasts have to enrich all of our lives.

Podcast host and adtech expert, Bryan Barletta joins the show to share his experience helping companies build up and effectively execute on their solutions in mobile rich media, digital/podcast attribution and podcast monetization and data infrastructure. Bryan is the host of Sounds Profitable, a podcast that explores how you can take advantage of podcast adtech to stay ahead of the curve. In this episode, Harry and Bryan discuss the staggering pace of change the podcast adtech industry is currently undergoing, landing podcast sponsors and what excites Bryan about the future of the PodNews network.

Social impact digital marketer, content creator, ecosystem-builder, and social entrepreneur, Neetal Parekh joins the show to discuss her experience in digital content creation and community-building. Neetal is the host of The Impact Podcast by Innov8Social, a show that explores social impact stories, interviews and reflections to help others reach their impact potential. In this episode, Harry and Neetal discuss the importance of social change and corporate responsibility, the impact COVID-19 has had and podcasting tools, apps and best practices.

Journalist, adventurer and podcast creator, Shelby Stanger joins the show to talk about her background in journalism, her passion for surfing and how she initially got involved in podcasting. Shelby is the host of the award-winning outdoor podcast, Wild Ideas Worth Living, which she sold to REI and remains a host as of January 2020. Currently, she is advising major brands and driven individuals on how to start, grow and monetize their own podcasts, and has a brand new show, Vitamin Joy about health and humor. In this episode, Harry and Shelby discuss Shelby’s growth as a podcast host, how to secure sponsorships for your podcast and overcoming challenges such as Imposter Syndrome.

Polymath and innovator Dustin Miller joins the show to discuss his background as an entrepreneur and a content creator. Dustin is the host of The Polymath PolyCast, a show for the polymathic, the entrepreneurial, the multipotentialites, and the Innovators. In this episode, Harry and Dustin discuss a multitude of different topics, from the growing community of polymaths to existential crises. Dustin shares some of the exciting projects he’s working on and how he’s grown as a podcast host and interviewer.

Author, speaker and business growth strategist, Racheal Cook joins the show to talk about her fascinating entrepreneurial journey. Racheal is an award winning business strategist who believes entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so complicated. Through her signature online mastermind, The CEO Collective, she helps women entrepreneurs to start and scale businesses without the hustle and burnout. Racheal is also the host of Promote Yourself to CEO, a podcast that showcases conversations about stepping into your role as CEO of your business and practical, profitable strategies to grow a sustainable business. In this episode, Harry and Racheal touch on how to build a loyal community, Racheal’s natural ability as a connector and the importance of self-care and creating positive, lasting habits.

Broadcaster, author and podcaster, Stacey Simms joins the show to talk about her podcast Diabetes Connections, a show that interviews Type-1 diabetes advocates, authors and speakers and asks hard questions of healthcare companies and tech developers. Stacey is a well-known and highly regarded speaker who has addressed groups on topics including diabetes, parenting and media. She is an award-winning radio news host and TV anchor/reporter with more than 20 years of broadcast news experience. In this episode, Harry and Stacey talk about Stacey’s background in journalism, the way she structures her podcast interviews and the importance of above-board ethics and being honest with your listeners as it pertains to sponsorships. Stacey opens up her son’s diagnosis with Type-1 Diabetes, her career path and how she has grown as a podcast host.