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Podcast Junkies on Smash Notes

Podcast Junkies podcast.

March 17, 2020

Podcast Junkies was born out of a genuine interest in and curiosity for this growing league of podcast hosts. It's hosted by Harry Duran. It features wide-ranging, authentic and sometimes candid interviews with this family of voices behind the microphone. The shows themselves cover a variety of topics such as Business, Finance Entrepreneurism, History, Comedy, Storytelling and more. Podcast Junkies explores the motivations behind the podcast's inception and allows the listener to connect on a more personal level with some of their favorite hosts.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Freelance podcast audio editor, producer and host, Stephanie Fuccio joins the show to share her extensive background in podcasting. To call Stephanie an avid podcaster would be a gross understatement. She is the host of all seven Geopats Podcasts that range from topics on Reflections to Coffee. She is also the founder of Podcast Review Day (PodRevDay), a group that posts podcast reviews on the 8th of every month in order to recognize the hard work and dedication of podcasters everywhere. In this episode, Harry and Stephanie share how they’ve both grown as podcast hosts and interviewers, the impressive number of podcast projects Stephanie is working on and lessons she’s learned from her time working in the podcast industry.

Business coach and Sales & Marketing strategist, Hailey Rowe joins the show to discuss her background in business, her resiliency and her passion for podcasts. Working over eight years as a health coach and in business development for two rapidly growing health startup companies, Hailey became passionate about helping other health coaches go beyond their certifications and address the missing pieces that are holding them back from success. Hailey is also the host of Health Coach Nation, a podcast that provides business coaching for health coaches. In this episode, Harry and Hailey do a deep dive into Hailey’s background and roots, including inspirational mentors she’s worked with, valuable lessons she’s learned and her ever-expanding appreciation for podcasts.

Entrepreneur, writer, animal lover and world traveler, Sarah St John joins the show to discuss her entrepreneurial journey, from launching several startups to writing three books. Sarah currently owns a travel agency, a web design company and a social media management company. She is also the host of the Frugalpreneur Podcast, a show that shares different ways to make money online and showcases interviews from successful entrepreneurs. In this episode, Harry and Sarah talk about their shared love of animals, the value of digital and affiliate marketing and all things podcasting.

Livestreaming strategist and podcast producer, Russ Johns, joins the show to talk about the work he’s doing at The Pirate Syndicate. Russ is the host of #PirateBroadcast, a show that brings all kinds of topics to the table with a common thread of thinking outside the box while still being kind. In this episode, Harry and Russ discuss the content creation process, the current state of the podcast industry and the importance of being kind and paying it forward.

Social media and freelance marketer, Maura Hughes joins the show to share the journey that led to her working at MeetEdgar, a social media scheduling software company. Maura is also the host of MeetEdgar’s Social Post podcast, a show that provides social media marketing news, strategies, tactics, and tips for creators and small businesses. In this episode, Harry and Maura discuss best practices for creating engaging social content, the value of audio as a marketing medium and the importance of listening to your audience’s wants and needs.

Reporter, Journalism Fellow at Stanford and Product Manager at Google, Liz Gannes joins the show to share her fascinating career journey. Liz has been a Silicon Valley-based business technology reporter since 2004, where she started her career at Red Herring. Since then, she has worked at the startup company, 60db, as well as the technology giant, Google. In this episode, Harry and Liz discuss the importance of keeping informed with local news, content consumption patterns, and the work Liz is doing in News Initiatives at Google.

Consultant, writer and podcast guru, Skye Pillsbury joins the show to share her podcast origin story. Skye is the host of [Inside Podcasting], a show where that interviews a variety of podcast hosts about their craft. Skye also writes the Inside Podcasting email newsletter which goes out to 15,000+ active subscribers three times per week. In this episode, Harry and Skye discuss the power of the podcasting community, the business of podcasting and challenges and obstacles that they’ve both had to overcome in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Entrepreneur, podcaster, and Founder of Lower Street Media, Harry Morton joins the show to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and his background in the podcast industry. Harry works with content marketers and business owners to tell engaging stories through best-in-class podcasting. In this episode, Harry Duran and Harry Morton discuss the importance of building a network of other business owners, trends in the podcasting space, and challenges associated with producing high-quality podcasts.

Podcaster, author, speaker and founder at Must Amplify and We Are Podcast, Ronsley Vaz joins the show to discuss the work he’s done at his award-winning digital marketing agency. Through his range of podcasts, including Bond Appetit (ended November 2019), Should I Start a Podcast and The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, Ronsley has been downloaded and listened to more than five million times in 133 countries. In this episode, Harry and Ronsley discuss entrepreneurship, personal growth development and the incredibly powerful nature of podcasts as a platform for education and change.

Founder of True Native Media and the host of Podcast Advertising Playbook, Heather Osgood joins the show to share her experience working in advertising and how she transitioned to the podcast industry. In this episode, Harry and Heather discuss the work Heather is doing to help brands and businesses leverage podcast advertising to achieve their goals. They discuss best practices for monetizing podcasts, how Heather has grown as a podcast host and Heather’s most recent project, The Podcast Moneymaker Course.

Founder, content creator and podcast aficionado, Arielle Nissenblatt joins the show to share her experience working in the podcast industry. Arielle currently holds the role of Community Manager at SquadCast, where she works to build community with podcasters and creators around the world. In this episode, Harry and Arielle discuss Arielle’s two podcasts, Counter Programming & Feedback with Ear Buds, the evolution of Arielle’s career and what it means to build true community.

Entrepreneur, writer and podcaster, Mollie McGlocklin joins the show to discuss her experience with sleep optimization through technology, accountability, and behavioral change. Mollie is the host of the Sleep Is A Skill Podcast, a show that exists to transform the conversation around sleep and shift the paradigm of wellness to make sleep the #1 focus in the journey towards great health.

In this episode, Harry and Mollie discuss Mollie’s entrepreneurial journey, lessons she has learned from launching a successful newsletter and podcast, and best practices we can follow to optimize our own sleep patterns and habits.