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May 20, 2019 - Can you drink your own pee?

Smash Notes podcast.

May 26

Should you drink your own pee? How does pooping work? When is a good time to give up on your startup? What advice to give as a mentor? What does coffee have to do with strong opinions on the internet? All of that, in this episode of Smash Notes.

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four. This is smash Notes, a podcast that brings you weekly summary of the best podcasts. Just a few months in a row, me no place being able to find me and I still got an accident. Top of human family You're listening to a song called Road Trip by Seattle band Convent Bonfires is always the rest of the songs and the end of the episode. Take a look at the show notes for the links to the Band song


and for all the episodes that you're about to hear. Yeah, imagine yourself in a desert. You're thirsty and there's nothing to drink. The only question on your mind. This should you drink your own pee. Lucky for you, you've subscribed to smash notes, and now we can find out. Here's an episode from one of my favorite podcast cold. This won't hurt a bit. The episode on extreme heat, of course, Can I drink? Boyd P is a serious question. So it turns out that the Army puts urine on the do not drink list. But perhaps the answer is just a little more complicated,

and its proposed that because of its solidity drinking, it will actually make you more dehydrate than if you drink nothing at all. The reality is that urine is sterile. Okay, so what is actually in urine? Then there's nitrogenous wastes and some little bits of hormones. Some electrolytes and it's mostly water. But most of these toxins quote unquote in the urine won't hurt you if you re in just them over a period of days. Bottom line is that urine is somewhat salty, so if you eat or drink something that's really salty, it pulls water out of yourselves. Basically, it drives you out. As you get more and more dehydrated, your urine gets saltier and darker, so if you're well hydrated,

your urine is clear to light yellow, like lemonade. But as you start getting dehydrated, your urine gets darker, more like iced tea and just how much salt is in urine. So if you're really well hydrated, extra would be far less than that of drinking Gatorade. But if you've gone without fluids for several days, the levels approach that of seawater and probably not beneficial to drink. And what does Dr Richard say about drinking your own? I would say, if you're really well hydrated going into the Inn, You're trapped State. I would say Save your first year or two and drink it as a last ditch effort. But beyond that, it's anybody's guess.

Next up on smash notes is Jacob Jabber CEO Phil's Coffee. Jacob responded to a customer complained on Twitter, and it became an episode of a podcast colt. This is your life in Silicon Valley. It's like the Silicon Valley Show, but with real events and people. Jacob is very positive and politically correct, but he's a quick segment where they hosted trying to get him to say something negative about their competitors. Blue Bottle If you had the levee. One criticism against blue bottle. Just one just for just give us something. You know, Blue Bottle is I wish they would do this better. Just give us something. I've had it a few times, and I think it's a fine.

It's a fine product. I think personally, I'm not a blue bottle family. I'm just gonna throw it out. There s O. I am. I'm gonna disclose my bias on this on this podcast, which is I'm just I don't like the acidity. I don't like the minimalist aesthetic. I think it's becoming, you know, part of tech motto culture. I like a lot of people involved in the company we had, you know, disclosure. Chris.

Michael on the podcast is an investor and a great guy. But I'm just personally, I'm not a family. But I love the options. There are many options. Let the people decide for us. We focus on our own box, we focus on our customers. And, you know, if people want to give us a try, we want to make sure we do the best job we can, converting them. And if they don't like it, we'll keep trying. I found this episode appealing that just because of Seo,

a fairly known company, was willing to go in an open forum and discusses company, but also because of something they mentioned in the very and the escalation of commit. Do you retract the tweet that you, uh, that you put out there? That is the origin of this podcast. So do I now hate Starbucks more than hate pills? That's the question We'll start there. I'm not ready to say that I am not ready to say that yet. I need some time to think about it. I think the coffee was great. I liked the coffee a lot that I had today, even the mojito one, which was kind of wild. But,

um, I can't say that I I still have. I just still feel like that love for Starbucks, just for my for my hometown. But But, you know, you know what's happening here is you feel escalation of commitment stuff you put out on social media. So I'm gonna chalk this up to escalation of commitment. I think that my my theory is that in a public forum, Kate understandably doesn't want to admit that the original premise for this entire thing was you just now is how did? But escalation of commitment happens on social media all the time. And it happens because after making a public statement in a public forum and then learning new information, it's really hard for people to admit that the original statement was incorrect. They don't want to change their position until that public knowledge is no longer public and relevant, in which case it becomes safe to admit their new position. So maybe next time you're reading a tweet or post by someone defending a position that you realize,

perhaps, is no longer their position. Just keep that in mind. Next up on smash notes is Derek Anderson talking on Andy Hacker podcast with court on Alan. Derek is sharing his story of started grind and what it took to succeed. And in case you don't know startup Grind, the company Derek founded is a massive community of entrepreneurs spread around the world. Just do not give up. I like it sounds so cliche. I know it's like the worst advice, but I just really, really. There were many, many times where I think the tunnel was completely dark, and somehow John I squeaked out off out of it and got to the next phase rejected by how many incubators, like all of,

like all the things that could happen. Like a truck at one point raised $200,000 for an iPad game, which was launched. Nobody law, I put probably 200,000 of my own dollars. It's the consulting dollars into a social networking product that nobody likes. Her downloaded way had some people very small amount of people, and I think you know, 10 years later, things some things are working, you know, And, uh, it's not all working. It's not all perfect, but we definitely have momentum.

And once you create momentum like a lot of good things just happen to but it takes. It's so hard to get momentum. And you just have to survive a really, really long time. You know, you may not be working on a great idea right now. You may not be. You may think it's the best thing you've ever done, but no one likes it. But if you if you could just figure out how to survive, I think you will get a chance. I believe everyone gets a chance to really showcase themselves and basically a shot on goal. Everybody gets a shot on goal. But it may be that you don't have the right talking. You don't have the right stick, and maybe you're in the wrong position on,

you know, on on the field. But just stick it out and you'll get a chance. But it's gonna take a lot longer. It costs a lot more than you had ever imagined her hose. And so, you know, make it work. What you got. If you like the segment you're hearing here, but you don't have an hour to go and listen to a podcast. You can always go to smash nose dot com and check out the Q and A's that appeal to you. And now we're going to hear Wendy Lear, a mentor, a texters, talkto,

breath held and David Cohen about the importance of saying yes. I had an opportunity as a very young woman in my mid twenties to move, get a promotion, moved to New Orleans from Jackson, Mississippi, and that looked very risky to May. And personally, I had gone through a lot of change. So personal risk, Aiken, Aiken deal. But so professional needed to be stable for me because I had gone through a lot of personal risk. And so I felt, Oh, that means I'd have to move and I don't know anyone in New Orleans and I'd had all this responsibility and my husband can't go with me and the coaching I got. The mentor,

My mentor, um, who was one of my bosses at the company, said the risk of saying yes is really very low right? The risk of saying no is very high, and I'm like What are you talking about? My brain was like going crazy. No, no, no. I don't get that. He goes. First of all, if you don't, If you say no, you're playing small.

You have a lot of potential. You need to go explore that potential. So you don't know anyone. You'll go meet people. And I'd never thought of that. The risk of yes, versus the risk of no and the implication of that. And so I went back and told my husband was moving to New Orleans. Of course he didn't come. Yes, there was a divorce. And so life continues. But that comment of playing small and that was before all, you know, you see these words everywhere in social media. That's before we had social media.

So when someone says you're playing small, like, what does that mean? Does that mean I'm not tall or I'm not full or exciting or what goes? No. You're not going to hit your potential. And he would have been right if I had not taken that advice. The segment was from a new podcast from Techstars called Give First Lincoln Show notes. Have you ever wondered what causes this rumbling noises in your stomach. Here's Dr Julia Anderson. Ted talks daily talking about the fascinating science of your gut. So what happens is when they are leftovers from digestion, they're being delivered to the inner one first. So this inner one will open in a reflex and let through a little bit for testing. There are sensory cells that will analyze what has been delivered is a gash is or is it solid? And they were then sent this information up to our brain.

And this is the moment when our brain knows what I have to go to the toilet. The brain will then do what it's designed to do with its amazing consciousness. It will mediate with our surroundings, and it will say something like. So I checked. We are at this Ted X conference. Okay, gashes. Maybe if you're sitting on the sides and you know you can pull it off silently, that solid. Maybe later. So since our our just finger and the brain is connected with nervous themselves, they coordinate, cooperate, and they put it back in a waiting line for other times. Like,

for example, when we're at home sitting on the couch we have nothing better to do. We're free to go as humans are actually one of the very few animals that do this in such an advanced and clean way. And I used to not be a great fan of public restrooms, but now I can go anywhere because I considered more. When that inner muscle puts a suggestion on my daily agenda, like this funny rumbling noises that happens when you're in a group of friends or at the office conference table going like Maria. This is not because we're hungry. This is because our small intestines actually a huge need freak, and it takes the time in between digestion to clean everything up. This concludes this week's Smash Notes. Please follow, Subscribe and tell your friends. And now let's get back on the road trip with common bonfires. I'll see you next week. Okay,


four. A few months of rope, me no place being able to find me. And I still got an accident. Top of human family to family, wear no shoes. He knows the way. It's cool. I got some dope people, but still getting my head still getting my head. Keep music, dammit! Harder! Make it simple. Be modest. We need trad modest when you've got people but my getting my music playing, that ought to make it simple, being modest.

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