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Stacking the Bricks - Real Entrepreneur Confessions on Smash Notes

Stacking the Bricks - Real Entrepreneur Confessions podcast.

December 28, 2019

If you're tired of all the buzzwords, boosterism, mythologizing, the cult of overwork in the world of startups, it's easy to feel like the oddball in the room.

We're here to share the real stories of today's business bootstrappers: the makers who make their money with products and launches instead of client pitches and hourly consulting.

Episodes with Smash Notes

We're going on a quick break, but this episode includes a sneak peek at what's coming up next. Thanks for a great season, and for all of the positive comments. If you love the show, consider leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts: https://lovethepodcast.com/stackingbricks

I recently joined friend Jonathan Stark on his podcast "Ditching Hourly" where he typically talks about business strategies and best practices for helping freelancers and consultants escape hourly billing.

And we talked about that world of business quite a bit, including how people often copy the wrong parts of the successes they've seen.

But as a self-published digital author himself, Jonathan also wanted to grill me on exactly how we launched The Tiny MBA and sold thousands of copies without a publishing deal...and without boxes of books sitting in my basement.

This week I'm talking customer research with Eteinne Garbugli. Eteinne is the author of a book called Lean B2B, and after learning that his book included our Sales Safari customer research framework, I offered to talk with him and answer some of his remaining questions about the methodology.

Inside you'll hear Eteinne and I talk about: - the surprising origin of Sales Safari itself - what Amy and I really mean when we say "customer pain" and the many forms it can take - why strategically choosing an audience is actually a lot more straightforward than most entrepreneurs make it

...and a whole lot more.

This week I'm stopping by The Cognitive Bias Podcast with David Dylan Thomas to riff on a topic we're both very passionate about: the intersection of ethics and capitalism.

in today's mini-episode, I visit with Lauren Williams on her show "Caffeinated Convos and Horrible Bosses" to talk about my horrible boss story and how it's informed my approach to business, as well as a story about one amazing boss I've had who still impacts me today, 15 years later.

In today's episode I did something I haven't had a chance to do yet: use the lessons in The Tiny MBA through a very specific lens, exploring how the book applies to podcasters!

We go very deep and specific into:

- how to find your audience on the internet - the specific, concrete elements of audience building and effective self promotion - and how to reach them without feeling (or looking like) a spammer

If you enjoy this deep dive on audience building with Kevin Chemidlin, make sure you go check out my full episode of Grow the Show along with the other episodes. Here we go.

This week we're taking a break from the Tiny MBA podcast tour to bring you a very special conversation with a very special guest: Nilofer Merchant.

Unlike many voices in positions of corporate power, Nilofer is a creator like you and me, and uses her position and experience in the business world to make the business world a better place for more people.

Nilofer is one of us :)

And here's the thing: whenever I have a conversation with Nilofer, we end up somewhere much deeper and more meaningful than where we started. We have a rapport that lets us skip the pleasantries and get right to the real stuff.

So in today's episode, Nilofer and I are inviting you into one of those conversations.

In this conversation we talk about everything from:

- How we learned to seek and understand patterns in business - What we've learned from our careers of giving professional advice - And why peeing in the pool is a problem

And a lot, lot more.

In this episode I took a virtual trip to India to visit to my friends Mayur and Shahzada on the Remote Explorers Podcast where they talk about remote work and more generally, the culture of work.

In the full episode that you can find on remoteexplorers.com, we talked a lot about the current and future state of coworking but here on Stacking the Bricks I pulled out some of the highlights about business, entrepreneurship, and education that are most relevant to you, including:

- The three most valuable parts of a college education, and why it might be more valuable for some people than others - Where the "Tiny" in Tiny MBA came from - And since this is a podcast about remote work, a few of my best tips for adapting to remote work (hint: it's got nothing to do with software)

So with that, I hope you enjoy this very special presentation from the Mayur and Shahzada, the Remote Explorers. Here we go!

In this episode I visited with Will Toms and the REC Philly community here in Philadelphia, for one of their "creator talks" streamed live over the internet

I shared 10 choice lessons from The Tiny MBA, and Will asked me questions about:

- The importance of listening as a business skill, and how you can practice it. - Where I learned how to sell people back their time and confidence. - And how much sharing is oversharing.

And a whole lot more!

I love any chance to jam with the REC Philly crew, and I'm very excited to share this session with you.

In this episode I visited with Michele Hansen and Colleen Schnettler on the Software Social podcast, where they talk about their respective businesses and workshop through challenges together.

During my visit, we talked about:

- Why education is the most effective marketing you can create - How psychology can be thought of as "debugging, for people" - And why one question in The Tiny MBA left Colleen feeling TERRIFIED.

And a whole lot more!

In this episode I visited with Tony Lopes on the Self Made Strategies podcast, where he talks with entrepreneurs, business owners, and more about how they built their own thing.

We talk about:

- The biggest hurdles and challenges in publishing a book (hint - it's not writing a book). - Making reversable decisions - And what people get wrong about risk.

And a whole lot more!

In this episode I visited with Matthew Arnold on the Iowa Idea podcast, where he explores modern collaboration, craft, and persistence.

Matt and I talk about:

- Why businesses - especially agencies - get distracted by awards - What it means to "flintstone" your work - And what people get wrong about passion

And a whole lot more!