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EP67: Starting a Community Outside the US w/ KrAsia

Emily Fang joins us on the show today, she is the Community & Growth Lead at KrASIA. Previously, She worked in community for Google and was the Community & Events Manager for OmniSci. On today’s episode, starting a community from scratch and taking C2C events virtual, and how to build relationships.

Who is this episode great for?

Online community, early-stage community leaders, Media companies

What’s the biggest takeaway?

There are different rules both culturally and otherwise in different areas of the world. Right now, several countries in Asia like Singapore have been able to keep COVID-19 under control and can now have small meetings with a few people. Being able to take advantage of that now and adding the virtual event component could make for big wins long term for C2C communities operating in Asia.

Snippet: https://web.descript.com/cd49eb76-9b35-4204-a67b-a822ba85c22c/5e72b

I guess for us, it's really trying to narrow down the content that our readers want to listen in to and engage in. So one way we do that is we do like small group studies. We do polling, whether it's like when they sign up or after the event there's always some sort of like touch points.

What do you want to listen in on? Like, what are you interested in? Why are you joining this event? So we're really trying to figure out what our readers want to participate in for events.

By doing that polling, we started to realize oh wow, there's a very strong group of readers who are heavily ingrained.

They're like directors, C levels or entrepreneurs and they continually like to come to our events. So we noticed that and we were like okay, how do we create more like curated content specifically for this group? For us, I feel like generally in media sometimes the only touch point is like, you're putting out content and they read it.

But I think with media you can do so much more and dig into like who your readers are by different touch points, whether it's a forum or events or, you know, building a community around it. It lets you know more about who your readers are.


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