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EP68: Turning a In-Person Conference Into an Event Series w/ Guru

I’m excited to have our next guest Chris Anderson who is Director of Community Learning & Love at Guru. We cover a lot of ground on this episode, we talk about how they turned there conference into an event series that lasted all summer, how he chose which business metric to prove community success with and how they are taking their C2C events virtual until they can bring them back to local cities post COVID.

Who is this episode great for?

B2B, starting and scaling, C2C community builders

What’s the biggest takeaway?

Right now many things are canceled because of COVID, especially large in-person conferences. Chris showed that you can take that content and break it down into an event series that can last for weeks. This is a great option for any community that had a large conference to actually utilize the content they prepared and not make people sit through a multi-day online conference.


Key Smash Notes In This Episode

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