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How to Build A Symbiotic Relationship with Your B2B Community with Mike Rizzo

Today, we’re joined by Mike Rizzo, Founder of the MO Pros, a growing community of wicked smart Marketing Operations Professionals who love to learn and collaborate.

When people find a community that they truly identify with, it gives them a feeling of relief that they are not alone. They don’t have to struggle to fit into a different community where nobody understands them.

Professionals within a community can come from all walks of life to learn from each other. A community is a people-made product because it’s not directed by one project manager at the top or by a single goal.

Your company’s community-led growth model must add nuance to the “community” buzzword by asking members of that community what is valuable to them, what problems need solving, and what problems you can/cannot solve. It’s a symbiotic relationship with your community members. Measure community not by revenue but by the value you create. You can think of a community having its own NPS (Net Promoter Score). Track metrics with specific goals and use your tracking sheets to advise your growth trajectories.


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