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The Impact of Hybrid Events w/ Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Today, we’re once again joined by Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel, Event Manager @ Bevy & CMX. This is the second of four interviews with Ann-Marie about Hybrid Events. Attendees of the CMX Summit are playfully called “Summiteers”, which are mountaineers climbing to the summit of a mountain. This event will be a hybrid of both virtual and in-person events. It will include a virtual conference component, global in-person watch parties, virtual networking, and an in-person component in San Francisco or a local area. Post-pandemic pricing quotes given by vendors will be higher than usual as many vendors have huge volumes of orders while trying to recover from pandemic losses. So, while virtual events are cost-effective by nature, hybrid events won’t be easy on the pocket as two events are essentially being planned. This can be quite overwhelming if a single person is managing both. Virtual components of events are here to stay as people now see the use of them. Event managers will use the educational content as promotional clips in their event marketing plans.


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