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What’s Cooking with CMX Summit 2021: Rise with Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Today, we’re once again joined by Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel, Event Manager at Bevy and CMX. This is the third of four interviews with Ann-Marie about Hybrid Events. In today’s pandemic situation, where conditions and safety guidelines often fluctuate weekly, you should build hybrid event plans for all possibilities and at different levels so that the most practical plan can get approved. These tricky conditions also present an important opportunity to learn to be patient and learn your limitations as an events organizer. Have a process and believe in it because conditions will keep changing, and we’re far from out of the woods with this pandemic.

This year’s CMX Summit: Rise is projected to be the biggest CMX Summit event yet. There will be a whole gamut of speakers, with a 42% diversity goal, across eleven tracks. The hybrid event will feature A global leaderboard and giveaway for the book “Business of Belonging” by CMX Founder David Spinks A post-event happy hour in San Francisco with food, beverages, and fun activities so that attendees can interact with each other and share real-life experiences once again Watch parties worldwide with a strong focus on conducting them safely


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