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What Went Down at CMX Summit: Rise 2021 with Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Today, Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel, Senior Event Manager at Bevy and CMX, joins us in the final part of a four-part interview series to give us a recap of what happened - and the lessons learned - at the 2021 CMX Summit: Rise. The participation and live engagement at the event made it a roaring success. In-person events in Spain and Nigeria were key highlights of the summit. Participants shared about the event on social media to get their hands on CMX Summit merchandise, which was awarded during a live winner declaration. Branded merchandise giveaway is a great way to get social media attention for your event because people love receiving branded gifts.

Seth Godin’s insightful talk with David Spinks was the most popular talk at the summit, and the backyard chicken event was many people’s favorite activity. Everyone loved the chicken emoji so much that it even became an event mascot.

To conduct an event at this great of a scale, event professionals must combine great research and meticulous planning with flexibility and self-belief.


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