#099 – Overcoming Fear and Paralysis to Build an Industry-Changing Business with Aline Lerner of Interviewing.io
The Indie Hackers Podcast
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What should be changed about the software developer hiring industry? 05:45

Many companies use antiquated hiring processes that do not align with market forces. Even though developers are in high demand, many candidates are being forced to do unpaid 2-week coding challenges or are turned away because they do not look good on paper.

Developers and companies both need a streamlined hiring process.


Why would I be a founder? 09:32

If you have a problem with authority or like doing a variety of things with your time.


Will starting a company make you happy? 11:25

Owning a company can be stressful at times, but it can prevent you from feeling existentially purposeless.


Are there any lessons from being a cook that can be useful as a founder? 17:02

The hiring process of a cook is effective and fair. They set up a station for you to work for the restaurant for a day, feed you afterward, and give you an offer if they were satisfied with your work.


How could I transition into the tech industry? 19:20

Volunteer to teach programming to high school students, then applying to software jobs after that.


Why leave a job to do your own thing? 22:28

If you see an opportunity and:
• You don't want to do what you're doing for the rest of your life
• You want to be the best at what you do
• You want to be passionate about what you do


How do you create a meaningful company that's the best at what it does? 24:17

Become familiar with the industry through experience, potentially through moonlighting.
Try to recognize patterns and the "bad parts."

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