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#099 – Overcoming Fear and Paralysis to Build an Industry-Changing Business with Aline Lerner of

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Although Aline Lerner (@alinelernerllc) graduated from MIT and worked as a software engineer for years, some of her most impactful learnings came from the time she spent working as a cook and moonlighting as a recruiter. Putting all of her experiences together, she realized that hiring in tech could be so much better, and so she started, a company that has since grown to millions in revenue. In this episode we talk about finding the activation energy to get started, juggling the 50+ responsibilities of being a founder, how to build a team of people you're lucky to have, and how to win big by starting small.Transcript, speaker information, and more:

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What should be changed about the software developer hiring industry?

Many companies use antiquated hiring processes that do not align with market forces. Even though developers are in high demand, many candidates are being forced to do unpaid 2-week coding challenges or are turned away because they do not look good on paper.

Developers and companies both need a streamlined hiring process.

Why would I be a founder?

If you have a problem with authority or like doing a variety of things with your time.

Are there any lessons from being a cook that can be useful as a founder?

The hiring process of a cook is effective and fair. They set up a station for you to work for the restaurant for a day, feed you afterward, and give you an offer if they were satisfied with your work.

How could I transition into the tech industry?

Volunteer to teach programming to high school students, then applying to software jobs after that.

Why leave a job to do your own thing?

If you see an opportunity and:
• You don't want to do what you're doing for the rest of your life
• You want to be the best at what you do
• You want to be passionate about what you do

How do you create a meaningful company that's the best at what it does?

Become familiar with the industry through experience, potentially through moonlighting.
Try to recognize patterns and the "bad parts."