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The Milestone Hackers Podcast podcast.

December 31, 2019

I'm Paolo Trulli, the host of Milestonehackers. This podcast focuses on interviews with entrepreneurs in all stages of business and their specific journey. We dive into subjects like product ideas, validation, product-market fit, growth, and any future milestones or insights. The goal is to really build a community of knowledge that all listeners could benefit from no matter the current status of their own startup. I hope you'll join me in this venture of escaping the 9 to 5 and creating something amazing.

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When Kirill Zubovsky was hosting his own podcast RadDad, he realized not all of the material would suit a single-focused listener. Kirill pondered - how could he share a snippet of his podcast to friends that would find that particular snippet of interest, without overloading them with the whole episode? Smashnotes was born!

Smashnotes is a place where podcasts are broken down into manageable bite-sized pieces and can be listened to over a quicker period of time. In this Milestonehackers podcast episode, we dive into the topics of creating a startup, trying to better understand users, and not to rush things too quickly. 

Updated on April 13

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