The Scoutzie Story (feat. Kirill Zubovsky)
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Who is Kirill Zubovsky ? 01:16

Kirill Zubovsky is the founder of Smash Notes, but back in 2012 he had founded Scoutzie, a curated marketplace for designers, that he took through Y Combinator. Kirill enjoys the combination of development and design and self-learned those skills to start his first company. Currently Kirill is residing in Seattle and loving it.


What led to the founding of Scoutzie? 02:49

Scoutzie was sparked from a desire to be able to work from home and not partake in the typical 9 to 5 work life. Additionally, the need for mobile application development was addressed.


What was Scoutzie's primary focus? 09:30

Scoutzie helped designers start their own businesses and connect with job opportunities in their areas of expertise.


What juncture did Scoutzie reach that proved to be difficult ? 19:59

The company reached a high volume of clients, but also was finding it difficult to continue raising money with investors. The potential volume for projects was high, but Scoutzie struggled to handle all of them because at the time, their model was not scalable.


What steps did Scoutzie take to make their business scalable ? 20:23

They built a marketplace where clients could go directly to designers to remove everything that was previously done manually.

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