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In this episode, Steli and Hiten share tips and tactics that keep your customers up-to-date with your products or services. Listen and learn from Steli and Hiten’s own personal experience of what works, what doesn’t work, and the feasible, clear-cut methods you can easily employ to keep your clients in the loop.  

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:36 – “One of the most painful things that can happen is a client unsubscribing because your product is lacking some feature…”

01:04 – Failing in educating your customers

02:03 – It’s tough as a customer to be educated in a product’s new features

02:32 – Hiten shares his pet peeve – bugging customers in the wrong ways

03:14 – Unnecessary pop ups and product update notices can frustrate customers

04:38 – Steli shares about his own experience

05:43 – Do something much more simple – Drift as an example

06:26 – In 2006, Crazy Egg had a top bar that had an update sharing what they changed with the product

07:49 – “If you’re not logging into your product and seeing these messages, then you’re probably not doing your job”

08:51 – The methods that used to work may not work anymore

09:10 – Share your updates on Facebook and Twitter

09:21 – Find a way to write great posts regarding your updates

10:44 – Break up your upgrades up into “checkers” and “chess” categories

12:00 – Bundle small changes together and frame it saying “these are all the bugs we’ve fixed”

12:30 – Try using mobile app update posts

13:07 – Big changes are defined by feature launches, think about creative ways to launch

13:40 – Product Hunt is a great way to use for releases

13:55 – Do weekly updates

15:21 – Send less generic newsletters

16:25 – Spend time on the copy and framing of your updates

17:21 – Tell customers about new support articles you created

18:49 – Have a public road map that tells customers what you’re going to do

19:35 – Have a public change log

20:21 – Reduce churn by keeping your customers up-to-date

21:31 – Find people who aren’t using a feature and send them a specialized email

24:22 – Get the engineers and product people telling us what they’ve built and how they feel about it

24:50 – Do the next, logical, feasible thing you CAN do, not the coolest

3 Key Points:

Make the effort to EDUCATE your customers with changes you’ve made to your product.

Cut the unnecessary stuff—pop ups, product update notices, etc.

Break updates into small changes and big changes and FOCUS on how you FRAME the information to your customers.

Resources Mentioned:

Drift and Crazy Egg – Ways you can update

Product Hunt – Where you can launch new releases

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