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In today’s episode, Steli and Hiten discuss some approaches to make your personal life healthier. Why? How you’re doing at home affects how you’re doing at work—bottom line. When there is a misalignment of expectations among partners, this can lead to conflict and at worst, a breakdown in a relationship. Therefore, there must be a strong focus on relationships and understanding your partner’s expectations because your life doesn’t get put on hold for business. Tune-in and discover ways to strengthen your personal relationships, so that both your personal and professional life can flourish.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:03 – Today’s Startup Chat is about dealing with personal issues at your workplace

01:08 – A client of Steli’s is going through personal issues with his marriage which is affecting his work

01:30 – They went on a hiring spree because they had just raised capital; however, things are going downhill since the founder is not able to give his work the due justice

02:43 – Ultimately everyone has to follow their own way – There is no tailored solution that can be applied to every situation

02:54 – Don’t bring home work and don’t bring work home

03:16 – Focusing on your relationship and expectations helps keep personal problems at bay

03:16 – Hiten’s wife has been actively involved in all his businesses so far – his home and work life have been closely intertwined

03:55 – While he pushes like anything from Monday to Friday, Hiten does not take any work commitments on the weekends

04:42 – This arrangement works fine since Hiten loves to go out and meet people, while his wife prefers to stay at home

05:10 – Since both partners have their respective needs met, this leads to a balanced relationship

06:08 – Rather than fussing over your work-life balance, focus on your relationship and expectations – make sure you are meeting each other’s expectations

06:33 – Different people have different coping mechanisms to deal with their relationship struggles – go for a walk, engage a therapist or simply talk it out

07:40 – Having a high level of comfort in your relationship ensures that you can talk things out in a moment of conflict

08:32 – Avoid cultivating a startup mindset that short-term suffering will lead to long-term gain – you can’t pause life while waiting for success

09:44 – Knowing your life partner intimately, and supporting their choices will lead to a life where you are honest with who you are, and what you want with each other

10:15 – A sacrificial mindset is not sustainable and might eventually breakdown your relationship

10:42 – Constantly strive to be better at your work and your relationships; sacrificing a few years of your life in the hope of getting a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a delusional concept. This will only harm your relationship

11:40 – A conflict, if not nipped in the bud tends to magnify, and in the worst case even breakdown a relationship. These concepts have been discussed in Episode 067, The Ups and Downs of Cofounder Relationships and Alignment

11:57 – Learning how to deal with conflict is crucial to maintaining any type of relationship

12:22 – People are more negligent in dealing with conflicts in personal life than in professional life

12:31 – Need to iron out any misalignments with your partners regarding where you are, and where you want to go

13:10 – Professional success has no meaning if your personal life is in doldrums; find success in both these spheres of your life to be truly successful as a human being

13:48 – Start a difficult conversation with, “The story I am telling myself…”

14:17 – Can imply that what you think might not be true, and that there might be more information that you need to look at

14:57 – End of today’s episode

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