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Today on The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about the Virtual Summit that was organized by Steli and his team at Close.io, which you can check at InsideSalesSummit.com.

Virtual summits are a trend that’s becoming very popular in the startup world. They are typically video interviews of 20 or more experts on a given topic, which viewers opt-in to watch. Most of the time, they are free for a limited time, however, organizers can add the option for subscribers to pay for unlimited viewing later.

In this episode, Steli and Hiten talk about what virtual summits are, lessons they learned from organizing the inside sales summit, pros and cons of organizing one and what you should consider before organizing your own virtual summit.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:37 – About Close’s virtual summit and Hiten’s interview.

01:49 – Steli talks about the Inside Sales Summit

03:51 – Lessons Steli learned from the summit.

05:59 – Why a lot of people were disappointed by Steli and his team.

07:45 – Steli’s shares how he was able to partner with influencers for the summit.

09:17 – The beautiful thing about organizing a virtual summit.

10:48 – About Close.io next virtual summit.

12:10 – Cons of a virtual summit.

13:46 – Hiten gives suggestions for Close’s next summit.

15:49 – Steli shares some tips for people thinking about organizing a virtual summit.


Partner with people who share the same goals as your company.

Make sure your summit has a platform for networking and social interactions.

Don’t stop even if your first try failed.


Steli: Everybody this is Steli Efti.



Hiten Shah And this is Heaton Shaw. I'm really motivate to talk about this today because of many reasons. Some I will share in future episodes but, basically, Steli and his team at Closed Out IO did a virtual summit. There's about to be a car that drives by, a bus, but anyways, they did a virtual summit and it happened recently. You had to put in your email and then, you got access to these videos about sales. I was one of the people that was interviewed. I had a blast on my interview and I think some people liked it but, there was a whole bunch of other people that were interviewed as well. The reason I'm really interested in this is, I see a trend. I think this can be a very rapid fire episode like we like to do to give you a lot of value in very little time. The trend I see is instead of companies doing conferences, and events, they are starting to do virtual summits because they are, I'm assuming and you could probably debate me on this really fast, but they're less logistically complicated. They can be seen by many more people and they're probably one of the best ways to do lead generation today. They're very emerging. I haven't seen enough companies do virtual summits. I don't think they're going to go out of style. I think they're only going to get more popular and that's my two minute preamble for me to interview you about your virtual summit because I have never done one. Participated in a few and don't understand what you do about it.



Steli: Awesome. Yeah, let's do it. So, we ... You're right. We just did the inside sales summit and for people who are curious about it, we published your interview on the start up chat just recently but, if you want to get access to the entire thing you can go to the InsideSalesSummit.com, no the. Put in your email and check out all the interviews that we've done with over 50 people. For us, this was a big experiment. We're going to publish a blog post very soon. We cover all our learnings and the templates we used to invite these speakers into and all these things. So, happy to talk about it. Share some of the learnings and some of the things we want to do next time because we've already decided we're going to d...

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