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The Fear of Doing Something Insignificant

It’s very common for people to feel that their ambitions are not big enough and then beat themselves over it. This shouldn’t be the case, because of how big a goal or ambition is a very subjective issue. Today on The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about the fear of doing something insignificant and what to do about it.

Updated on August 20

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


To avoid feeling like you are not doing enough you have to first define what that means for you, instead of trying to compare your accomplishments to those of other people.

Big vs. Small is subjective, until you find a way to quantify it.

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Many entrepreneurs would be happier doing something else, and yet they spend years living in misery because being a founder is a cool thing to do.

These people are not happy, they don't want to do what they do, but they have now tied their being to the identify of a founder, and they don't know how to become something else.


Many people who are not founders live richer and more impactful lives than founders, and certainly more financially rewarding life than founders of failed startups.

It does not make any sense to start a company for the allure of being a founder, do it if you are truly deeply excited about the subject.

Chase your own dreams.

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