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Luis is an inventor and computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon. He is one of the creators of CAPTCHA, a system that allows websites to determine whether you’re a human or a computer. CAPTCHAs are wavy, distorted words that people need to type out when they’re submitting a form to a website. Luis’ company ReCAPTCHA […]

Updated on August 16

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Philip Camilleri is a founder of FoundersList, and previously the co-founder and CTO of SmartAsset. He shares his thoughts on finding a technical cofounder, what makes a tech cofounder successful, how business cofounders can appeal to their tech counterparts, and the right mindset and communication skills needed to forge a strong founding team.

Updated on June 23

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Steve Long is co-founder at The Travel Brief, a site that gives travelers the ability to share practical tips and guides with others, while documenting their adventures in a meaningful way. Steve plunged into the entrepreneurial world at twenty-four years

Updated on June 04

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Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, angel investor, philosopher and bibliophile. He's a modern philosopher with timeless wisdom, and in this episode he explains how to live a full happy life, free of distractions and worries.

Updated on May 21

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Pat Walls (@thepatwalls) is the founder of Starter Story, a site interviewing successful entrepreneurs, and Pigeon, a Gmail CRM extension. Prior to this, he co-founded Delite, a SaaS platform for B2B wholesale orders, that would shut down later on. From g

Updated on December 17

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Matt Giovanisci (@MattGiovanisci) is the founder of Swim University, the biggest niche site around swimming pool and hot tub care. Matt got into the internet world after learning how to build a website for his indie rock band. Since then, he has spent the

Updated on July 28

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Bored of making responsive themes for websites, AJ decided to take on Wix and Weebly page builders, but instead of going head on against them, he found a niche. Carrd became a website creator for simple one-page websites, and at the time of this interview was generating $30k in monthly recurring revenue, all for AJ.

Updated on May 10

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Kai is the founder of Kai XR. Kai XR is a kid-friendly virtual reality platform where kids can explore, dream, and create.

Updated on May 06

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Daniel is the founder of Paperchain. Paperchain delivers early access for streaming revenue to artists, management and label teams.

Updated on May 17

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