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Co-founding a company with someone you love is no small feat. Every “Co-founder Friday,” we join Alex and Lisa as they, and their guests, get real about what it’s like being partners in both business and life. If you’ve decided to run a company with your spouse, your partner, your family member, or your friend, this show is for you. Think of it as your weekly therapy session and no-nonsense coaching call, all in one. When you Subscribe to Co-founders, you’re joining a community of listeners around the world who are committed to building something as meaningful to the world as they are to each other.

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Kirill Zubovsky is the founder of Smash Notes, host of the Rad Dad podcast, and a former co-founder with his wife. That’s right: former. In this candid conversation, we hear about why Kirill and his wife went into business together… and why they got out.

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