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An Arm and a Leg on Smash Notes

An Arm and a Leg podcast.

December 31, 2019

No surprise, the cost of health care is… unhealthy. Reporter Dan Weissmann digs up revealing, surprising stories-- and some straight-up hacks-- that can help us get a little less scared and confused about the mess we’re in. We may be screwed, but we’re together. Let's talk

Episodes with Smash Notes

Private equity-backed companies run many emergency rooms. Now a group of doctors is trying to stop them.

A lot of medical debt will be coming off of credit reports. We weren’t convinced it was such a big deal. Turns out, we were wrong

A new golden age is dawning, and it starts where the sun don’t shine.

Dan’s COVID hung on there for a while, kept him SUPER tired. Yoinks. Back in a couple weeks!

He's kinda tired. Back in 2 weeks with a full episode!

It’s illegal to advise someone who’s being sued for medical debt. (Unless you’re a lawyer.) As in, you could go to jail. Two New Yorkers are fighting to change that.

Pharma and insurance companies play devious, clever games, competing for dollars. They’re sharks! And they want to eat us alive.

Last year we told the story — part caper, part tragedy — of how Philly handed off its COVID vaccine program to a wannabe tech bro right out of college. Now, the reporters who broke that story have made a terrific podcast of their own, Half Vaxxed.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs has made *the* show about a topic that's too enraging, terrifying, and depressing for An Arm and a Leg: the opioid crisis. And it's as entertaining, empowering and useful as we could ever want. Here's episode 1.

The No Surprises Act — a new law that protects us from some outrageous out-of-network hospital bills — takes effect this month. That's great news, but (and there’s always a but) there are some important caveats to know about.

COVID testing—the kind they send to a lab— is free. Right? Yeah, except when it’s not. Revisiting our (sadly, still relevant) interview with Sarah Kliff of the New York Times

Some of the team take a moment to reflect on why we make the show and what we look forward to doing in 2022