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Kirill Zubovsky - Smashnotes - Youtube For Podcast Snippets

Kirill Zubovsky is the founder of Smashnotes. Smashnotes is a curated collection of podcast notes.

Updated on June 11

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


For podcasters, Smash Notes is a tool to sliced their episodes into little bits that could be interesting to different audiences and then share it with people in both audio and text.

For listeners, its way to experience a lot of different podcasts at the same time without spending hours on end during it.


Before YouTube, videos had to be downloaded and consumed in big monolithic blocks, but now, pretty much every bit of video content is available in short snippets.

In the same way, every podcast on Smash Notes is chunked, divided in section, with immediately playable audio for each individual section.

Each section is usually a question that was asked on the episode, something that provides immediate value to the listeners.


The best time to create Smash Notes for your episode is immediately after your episode is published. As a podcast author, you probably know exactly what was the most interesting about your show, and now you can highlight the best bits right away.


Why is every highlight on Smash Notes structured as a question?

First of all, if a question could be asked about a podcast segment, that means someone out there is looking for it, and by providing an answer you are adding value to that person.

Second, each segment on Smash Notes is a stand-alone piece of content that can be indexed and searched for on Google. This gives a podcast tremendous distribution power, many-times beyond traditional podcast players.


A big as YouTube. In 10 years, every day you'll open Smash Notes and you'll check what is new from your favorite podcasters, and your followers. Then, instead of listening to 20 hours of podcasts, you will get the gist in just a few minutes.

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