It's Time For A New Timeline

Smash Notes experience is now 10 times faster

Kirill Zubovsky / March 8th, 2020

Smash Notes attracts two types of people, some like to read notes for a particular podcast of interest, and some just want to browse. Previously, there was no good way to browse, until now. Introducing Smash Notes feed, a spectacularly easy way to binge segments from the latest podcasts. Log in, open the feed, and play to your heart's content. The feed can be sorted by topic, or time, and soon it will auto sort based on your preferences! But what if you are looking for something specific? Say you want to learn about marketing, can you? Of course, the typical Smash Notes experience is still there. You can always use search to find Marketing Examples with Harry Dry and read through the notes, or just click on the episodes title in the feed, and it you will be land on the page you want. For example, if you want to know what Jason Calacanis thinks of Uber or why Instagram sold to Facebook, it's all there! ps. If you want to stay on top the best new podcasts without getting distracted, there's always the Newsletter. You get the top pics, once a week. Read or listen, that's up to you!

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