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The Media Mindset

Content isn’t everything; it’s the ONLY thing. In a world where brands, influencers, nonprofits, and politicians are reaching consumers on more platforms than ever, story and voice are more important than ever.

With this next age of social media, the average person consumes and produces massive amounts of content everyday. It’s truly a cross-platform ecosystem, with giant audiences being built (and disengaging) almost overnight.

How will your message stand out in a crowded marketplace? What’s the difference between truly getting noticed and barely registering as a blip?

And what do consumers, readers, and thinkers really want in today’s content environment?

The Media Mindset looks to examine these questions and more as we dive into the heart of content development and growth, particularly online. Whether you’re a business owner looking to build buzz or a content creator upping your game, this is the podcast that brings lessons from the best and brightest in media. Build upon their expertise, knowledge, and even mistakes as they recap what’s working in content today.

Learn from the smartest minds in media as they discuss how businesses, brands, influencers, and media outlets are leveraging content to reach fans better than ever before. Presented by JAKK Media.

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